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Zika transmission in U.S. linked to travel from Caribbean

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Vaccination campaign necessary to stop the spread of cholera in Haiti, says UF researcher

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Lieutenant Governor visits EPI

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EPI was created in 2006 to facilitate interdisciplinary studies of emergence and control of human, animal and plant pathogens of concern to the world.


EPI collaborates with over 250 faculty members from around the world annually.

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Haiti Water Summit

November 16 - 17 Read More

Zika transmission in U.S. linked to travel from Caribbean

May 26, 2017 -- GAINESVILLE, Fla. -- Travel between the continental U.S. and the Caribbean led to locally acquired Zika virus infections in Florida, according to new research published this week. Read More

EPI Plans Water Summit

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New research models temperature-driven Zika, dengue, and chikungunya transmission

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Findings from human immune system study could lead Haiti closer to malaria eradication

GAINESVILLE, Fla. — A comparison of immune system responses among Haitian malaria patients revealed unique traits among those with the highest risk of transmitting the disease to others. Identifying such patients could lead to a sharp decline in malaria transmission in the country, according to a University of Florida researcher. Read More