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Plant pathogen experts study banana disease in Tanzania

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Probiotic reduces sepsis-related deaths among newborns in India

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Teachers learn about emerging pathogens through CATALySES program

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EPI was created in 2006 to facilitate interdisciplinary studies of emergence and control of human, animal and plant pathogens of concern to the world.


EPI collaborates with over 250 faculty members from around the world annually.

News and Announcements

Pathogenic, Epidemiological and Molecular Aspects of T-Cell Leukemia Virus (HTLV) and the Gloval Virus Network Initiative

October 18, 2017 -- Umberto Bertazzoni, Former Director of the Global Virus Network. Read More

Haiti Water Summit

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EPI member to receive 2017 Florida Climate Institute Faculty Fellow Award

October 23, 2017 -- Sadie Ryan, Associate Professor of Medical Geography at the University of Florida Read More

UF scientist recognized for research in mosquito-borne disease control

September 20, 2017 -- GAINESVILLE -- University of Florida entomology professor Jeffrey Bloomquist is known to have a restless curiosity about everything, ranging from insecticide toxicology to mosquito control and resistance. Read More

Plant pathogen experts study banana disease in Tanzania

September 18, 2017 -- GAINESVILLE -- The banana crop is an important commodity in Tanzania and much of East Africa, with many in the region eating up to 400 kilograms of bananas per person per year. Plant diseases are a major threat to the sustainability of the crop, and over the past decade, a bacterial infection once found only in Ethiopia has risen in prominence in all countries around Lake Victoria, including Tanzania. Read More