EPI Seed Funding and Resubmission Support – Call for Proposals

The Emerging Pathogens Institute announces its Seed Funding and Resubmission Support call for proposals.

Application Due Date: Open, applications may be submitted at any time.

Award Term: See specific requirements below for I.) Seed Funding Proposals and II.) Resubmission Support.

Eligibility: Proposals will be accepted from any pathogen-related researcher at the University of Florida, including faculty members, post-doctoral associates, and graduate/undergraduate students.

  1. Multidisciplinary and intercollegiate teams are encouraged.
  2. Funding priority will be given to applicants who have selected EPI for center IDC returns on current extramural awards (applicable to faculty only).
  3. Members with current EPI start-up packages are ineligible for this call.

Matching Funds: Applicants’ home departments and/or colleges are encouraged to cost-share awards where feasible; however, cost-sharing is not required.


I. Seed Funding Proposal Requirements

A. The seed program intends to foster early-stage innovative pathogen related research to expand the pipeline of ideas that merit further exploration. Please submit a simple two-page narrative describing the topic to be pursued. No preliminary data is required to apply. In general, topics are chosen according to three major criteria:

  1. The topic fits within the goals and priorities of the Emerging Pathogens Institute.
  2. The topic has clear public health significance, and the approach is innovative.
  3. Potential projects within the topic are likely to be well suited to garner future extramural support.

B. Timeline: Generally, the awardee’s milestones are:

  1. Six months: Generate preliminary data, identify a target extramural sponsor, and identify funding mechanism.
  2. Eight months: Submit results for publication in at least one relevant scientific journal.
  3. Ten months: Draft a scientific plan for the extramural funded proposal. Awardees will be expected to hold a seminar with selected senior faculty to review the scientific plan prior to submission to the target sponsor.
  4. One year: Tender a full extramural proposal through their home department* with a direct cost budget of at least $100,000 per year.

* For training and career development proposals, EPI is available to coordinate proposal assembly and submission.

C. Future Supplemental Funding: EPI Seed Funding awardees who submit a proposal for extramural funding are eligible for consideration of additional funding to support further development of preliminary data and submissions to other agencies where appropriate.


II. Resubmission Support Proposal Requirements

A. Investigators with unfunded extramural proposals submitted in the last 12 months are eligible for EPI funding to answer and adjust proposals based on the extramural reviewers’ comments. Applicants are required to provide the written reviewer comments of the unfunded proposal.

  1. Awardees will be expected to submit a draft resubmission and hold a review seminar with select senior faculty within three months of the EPI award, and resubmit to the original extramural agency within six months.
  2. The topic fits within the goals and priorities of the Emerging Pathogens Institute.
  3. The topic has clear public health significance, and the approach is innovative.

Stipulations for both the Seed and Resubmission Support programs:

  1. Funds may be used for research related costs; budgets will be negotiated with the PI at the time of the award.
  2. All award costs are restricted to state appropriation spending guidelines (fund 101).

How to Submit:

Please submit proposals electronically to seedfunding@epi.ufl.edu. Applications should not exceed three (3) pages: two for the concept or topic introduction and specific aims, one for the bibliography and references cited. Proposals will generally be reviewed within 60 days of submission; reviews will be conducted by a special committee of senior EPI investigators.

  • In the subject line of the e-mail, please indicate either: “Seed Application” or “Resubmission Support Application”.

Thank you, and good luck!