The Disease Detectives

Cover of Gatorbytes issue featuring the Emerging Pathogens Institute.

The Disease Detectives

Gatorbytes, a new initiative designed to highlight for the intellectually curious the wonderful and innovative research happening at the University of Florida.

The Emerging Pathogens Institute is the centerpiece of one the three inaugural pieces published today by UF. “The Disease Detectives” features EPI’s faculty and some research projects including tick-bourne diseases, Ebola and influenza. The book ultimately explores EPI’s goal and strategy to prevent the global spread of infectious diseases.

“Understanding why and how new pathogens emerge requires a multidisciplinary approach, with the ability to move from basic genetics to global public health,” said J. Glenn Morris, EPI director, in the book.

The 21 page book written by Kris Hundley can currently be downloaded for free at University Press of Florida website.

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