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The One Health Newsletter is a collaborative effort by a diverse group of scientists and health professionals committed to promoting One Health.

This quarterly newsletter was created to lend support to the One Health Initiative and is dedicated to enhancing the integration of animal, human, and environmental health for the benefit of all by demonstrating One Health in practice.


Current Issue

Volume 7, Issue 2

In this issue:

  • The Natural History of Eastern Equine Encephalitis Virus in Florida
  • One Health in Action: Reducing Feral Swine Damage and Disease
  • An Analysis of the Linkages between Public Health and Ecosystem Integrity
  • Graduate-level Certificate in One Health Training at the University of Florida
  • One Health Innovation Fellowships for Zoonotic Disease Research in Mongolia
  • ProMED quarterly update
  • And more.

Previous Volumes

Volume 7 (2014)

Volume 7, Issue 1

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