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The One Health Center of Excellence, housed at the Emerging Pathogens Institute, serves as the aggregation catalyst for the rapidly expanding One Health effort at the University of Florida. The vision of the center is to capitalize on existing areas of excellence to provide innovative approaches to managing complex health issues. One Health is an interconnected approach that seeks to advance the health of humans, animals, plants, and the environment, through interdisciplinarity within and beyond the human-animal-environmental health triangle, by engaging with other disciplines including law, history, language, religion, economics, politics, sustainability, and beyond.

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October Newsletter

Dr. Ilaria Capua

Dr. Capua is the new director of the One Health Center of Excellence. She is a veterinarian by training and a virologist by passion. She is now fully dedicated to strategic thinking across the science-policy interface and is committed to the advancement of the One Health agenda beyond the human-animal-environment triangle to engage with other disciplines including economics, law, sustainability, politics, arts and others.

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Every month the One Health Center of Excellence is proud to host 3 different seminar series. 
The One Health Talks bring together researchers at UF in order to foster collaboration and communication on a multitude of One Health projects.
The S.H.E. (Sharing Human Experiences) Talks seminars allow upcoming scientists to hear from established women in science about their experiences. Allies of all genders are welcome.
One Health International showcases members of the UF community who are actively engaging One Health problems in other countries.

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