Graduate Programs

Here at UF, we have two One Health graduate programs, a PhD program and an MHS program. These programs, housed in the Department of Environmental and Global Health, focus on giving students the skills to bridge the gaps and work across public health, veterinary health, and environmental health to tackle large-scale health problems.

Currently, we are working to develop a certificate program in One Health.

OneHealth 2.0 Certificate program

The OneHealth 2.0 certificate will bring together students with backgrounds spanning a broad disciplinary spectrum around complex topics pertaining to health. The certificate will be composed of a two-week on-campus experience and three online courses. The on-campus section will deliver transversal tools that are essential for every professional who wants to be engaged in health, such as health communication, behavioral change theories, health economics, international and comparative legislation, and managing conflict and leadership. The online section will include a core course common to all students and two elective courses. The elective courses can fall under one of the following four recommended tracks: communication, behavior and health, urban development and health, ecosystems and health, and, pathogens, contaminants and health. This certificate will allow students to cross-fertilize across disciplines, geographical areas, and topics, enabling them to make original and innovative contributions in the field of health.


Because Health is One and it is through diversity that we drive innovation.