The One Health Talks bring together members of the One Health community to discuss all dimensions of health. These talks foster communication within the UF community. Each session has a set of diverse seminars with a central theme.

May 15, 2017: Months Go By

May 15, 2017: Months Go By

Zooming in on Asymptomatic Campylobacter Infections

-Arie Hendrik Havelaar, PhD, MSc

Dr. Havelaar's talk deals with the rate of infections in a population, specifically Campyblobacter infections, and how to readily combat disease and infections from overtaking a population. With substantial attention to detail and calculations, Dr. Havelaar showcases an incredibly informative presentation on disease prevention.

One Health at UF: Where Are We Nine Months Later?

-Ilaria Capua, DVM, PhD

Dr. Capua reminisces on the work that has been done in the past year at the One Health Center of Excellence here at the University of Florida. Details for the future are also outlined in this talk, as a summer recess begins as the spring term comes to an end. 

Session Recordings

Dr. Havelaar's talk starts at 00:05:48

Dr. Capua's talk starts at 00:42:20

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April 13, 2017: Lost in Translation

The Surprising Connections Between Health Care and Linguistics

-Brent Henderson, PhD

Dr. Henderson's lecture educates over the link between language and health across the world. He brings to light the many obstacles facing disappearing languages acrosss the world and how health professionals learn how to effectively use language to promote well-being. 

Negotiating Mosquito Control: Engaging Communities in Larval Source Management in Northern Haiti

-Kevin Bardosh, PhD, MSc

Dr. Bardosh details the differing challenges health professionals face when going to a foreign country, including circumventing the governments to get them on board, getting locals involed, and more. He takes from his experience in Northern Haiti to better help those trying to do similar projects so that they know what they are probably going to face. 

Session Recordings

Dr. Henderson's talk starts at 00:04:35

Dr. Bardosh's talk starts 00:36:50

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April 13, 2017: Lost in Translation
March 13, 2017: Mind Over Matter

March 13, 2017: Mind Over Matter

Comprehensive Approaches to Health in the Hindu Traditions

-Jonathan Edelmann, PhD, MSt

Dr. Edelmann's lecture explains the inclusion of health in the Hindu tradition. This inclusion goes beyond the physical state of the body, but also includes the mind and social life. In order to obtain this, there is a need to integrate the wisdom of our human past with the power of modern science and technology.

One Health, One Science- Authentic and Mindful Scientific Integration Approaches

-Sabine Grunwald, PhD, MSc

Dr. Grunwald talks about the different levels of thinking and integration that exist in the collaborative approaches needed in One Health. 

Session Recordings

Dr. Edelmann's talk starts at 00:01:56

Dr. Grunwald's talk starts at 00:33:43

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February 9, 2017: Complex Links

Coral Health in a Sea of Change

-Julie Meyer, PhD

Dr. Meyer details the causes of coral reef death, including climate change and pathogens. However, it's not all doom and gloom, Dr. Meyer also talks about the efforts to reverse the loss of coral and mentions some things you can do to help.

Improving the Health of Livestock and Agriculture Management Practices to Improve Human Nutrition

-Saskia Hendrickx, DVM, MS

Dr. Hendrickx presents the good, the bad, and the ugly of animal source foods and their part in global food security. She highlights the work that UF IFAS is doing with the Feed the Future program.

Session Recordings

Dr. Meyer's talk starts at 00:01:24

Dr. Hendrickx's talk starts at 00:22:55

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February 9, 2017: Complex Links
January 9, 2017: Paradigm Shifts

January 9, 2017: Paradigm Shifts

Ant Diseases: Unexplored Possibilities

-Robert M. Pereira, PhD

Have you ever seen a sick ant? Dr. Pereira describes the vast world of ant diseases.

Climate Change and Crops

- Senthold Asseng, PhD, ScD

How will we feed the future? Dr. Asseng explains climate change's role in the problem.

A New Way to Enhance Sweet and Salty Tastes

-Linda Bartoshuk, PhD

What makes fruit sweet? Dr. Bartoshuk reveals it's more than just sugar.

Session Recordings

Dr. Pereira's talk starts at 00:00:20

Dr. Asseng's talk starts at 00:31:28

Dr. Bartoshuk's talk starts at 01:02:32

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December 5, 2016: Between Perception and Reality

Marine Mammal Health in a Changing Environment

-Michael T. Walsh, DVM

Dr. Walsh's lecture focuses on the effects of climate change on marine mammals.

Learning from Mark Watney: Context is Everything When It Comes to Crop Stress

-Diane Rowland, PhD

Dr. Rowland explains how stress has been traditionally researched in plants, identifies the challenges with this paradigm, and provides new and innovative ways to overcome them. 

The Strange Story about GM Food Perception

-Brandon R. McFadden, PhD

Delve into the perceptions of genetically modified foods with Dr. McFadden as he attempts to identify the motivations behind them.

Session Recordings

Dr. Walsh's talk starts at 00:03:43

Dr. Rowland's talk starts at 00:27:17

Dr. McFadden's talk starts at 00:57:43

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December 5, 2016: Between Perception and Reality
November 7, 2016: Climate Change

November 7, 2016: Climate Change

Climate Change: Effects of Average Temperatures Versus Daily Oscillations on Plant Pathogens

- Ariena van Bruggen

Dr. van Bruggen demonstrates the links between climate change and the prevalence of plant pathogens. She also highlights the same trends in dengue. 

Climate Change and Mosquitoes

-Phillip Koehler

-Mohamed Sallam

Drs. Koehler and Sallam model the impact of climate change on mosquito's home ranges to predict the future of mosquito-borne diseases.

The Impact of Climate Change on Infectious Disease

-Derek Cummings

Dr. Cummings's illustrates the effects of climate change on infectious disease. His lecture focuses on the effects of climate change on dengue and yellow fever. 

Session Recordings

Dr. van Bruggen's talk starts at 00:02:36

Drs. Koehler and Sallam's talk starts at 00:26:08

Dr. Cummings's talk starts at 00:58:44

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October 10, 2016: Inaugural Session

Zika: What We Know and What We Don't Know

-J. Glenn Morris, Jr., MD, MPH&TM

Dr. Morris's talk examines Zika, identifying what we know about it and what we don't, and hopes to answer some remaining questions using One Health.

Citrus Greening- the BIG problem in Florida- Where Do We Stand?

-Susan Halbert, PhD

Dr. Halbert explained the emergence, importance, and challenges of citrus greening in Florida and its connection to the psyllid Diaphorina citri. Citrus greening affects the leaves, fruit, seeds, and taste of citrus trees leading to a loss of the lime industry, reduced yield of other citrus farms, and has made residential growing near impossible.

The Face of Climate Variability Along Florida's Forgotten Coast

-Andy Kane, MS, PhD

Dr. Kane's research takes him to Apalachicola Bay, where he examines the effects of climate change on the resource dependent communities there, particularly with regards to their fisheries and oyster bars. 

Session Recording

Dr. Morris's talk starts at 00:08:25

Dr. Halbert's talk starts at 00:57:50

Dr. Kane's talk starts at 01:37:41

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October 10, 2016: Inaugural Session

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