Join Us For One Health Day

One Health Day 2018

Guidelines and Call for proposals


We inhabit an ever changing world where everything is flowing: water, air, people, traffic, weather, satellites and U.F.O. Movement influences our lives and everything around us. Movement can be deliberate or incidental; it can be random or predictable. Help us capture how movement influences health. A neighbor walking a dog? Contaminants flowing into a river? An invasion of a new pest? Help us visualize movement as a connector between the health of human beings, animals, plants and of the environment.


Student Contest

The 2018 OH Day Contest Capture the movement! is open to all UF students who want to explore dynamic perspectives, experiences and solutions centered on the impacts that movement brings by expressing ideas through the visual arts. This includes photography, video (3 minutes max), drawing, and painting.



First Place: $250

Second Place: $100

Third Place: $50



To celebrate One Health Day to promote a transdisciplinary approach to complex health problems involving people, animals and the environment.



Submission of your work, together with a title and a short description (100 words), must be received by 11:59pm on October 22 at this email address:


Event Day: October 29, 2018 4:00pm



Smathers Library Room 100

What is One Health Day?

3 November is the official observance date of the annual global One Health Day. Launched in April 2016 as a joint initiative of three leading global One Health organizations, the One Health Commission, the One Health Initiative Autonomous pro bono Team, and the One Health Platform Foundation, One Health Day answers the urgent need for a One Health trans-disciplinary approach to complex health problems involving people, animals and the environment.

The One Health Center of Excellence at University of Florida would like to unite its voice to this day and advocate for the OH concept at UF, particularly familiarize students with this approach.


What is the One Health Center of Excellence

The One Health Center of Excellence serves as the aggregation catalyst for the rapidly expanding One Health effort at UF. The vision of the center is to capitalize on existing areas of excellence to provide innovative approaches to managing complex health issues. Seek interdisciplinarity within and beyond the human-animal-environmental health triangle, by engaging with other disciplines including law, history, language, religion, economics, politics, sustainability, and beyond.

A One Health Day Special Talk