The University of Florida provides numerous opportunities for students, faculty and staff to get involved in community service and outreach. Below are listed some of the current options available through the Center for Precollegiate Education and Training.

Explorations in Biomedical Research (EBR)

EBR is a two-week program that introduces high school students to various aspects of translational research. The program is open to rising 11th and 12th graders, and covers research techniques, proposal writing, and other areas of the field.



CATALySES is a new program inviting high school science teachers to spend two weeks at UF learning about emerging pathogens. Lessons will include the history of emerging pathogens and pathogen evolution.


Student Science Training Program (SSTP)

SSTP is a seven-week residential research program for rising high school seniors considering careers in medicine, math, computer science, or engineering.


CPET is looking for faculty members willing to give lectures, lead lab tours, and guide discussions related to their area of expertise. For more information about EBR or CATALySES, email ebr@cpet.ufl.edu or catalyses@cpet.ufl.edu, respectively. Email the program coordinator, Dr. Ryan Chastain-Gross, for general questions. Visit https://www.cpet.ufl.edu/outreach/ to learn more about outreach opportunities through CPET.