Faculty Members

NameTitleCollege/InstituteExpertiseCVPhoneEmailHome Page
Abbott, Jeff Assistant Professor of Pathology Veterinary Medicine: Dept. of Infectious Diseases and Pathology Immunology of infectious disease; vaccine development; bacterial infections and host response   (352) 294-4123 abbottj@ufl.edu http://www.vetmed.ufl.edu/about-the-college/faculty-directory/jeff-abbott/
Abramowitz, Sharon Assistant Professor College of Liberal Arts and Science, Department of Anthropology     (617)599-0191 sabramowitz@ufl.edu  
Ahmed, Chulbul Associate Scientist Agricultural and Life Sciences, IFAS: Dept. of Microbiology and Cell Science Poxviruses; antivirals; interferons; immune modulators; cytokines; bioterrorism   (352) 392-6883 ahmed1@ufl.edu  
Ahn, Soohyoun Assistant Professor Food Science and Human Nutrition Development of rapid and sensitive detection assay for pathogens and biological toxins in foods,...   (352) 392-1991 ext. 310 sahn82@ufl.edu  
Ali, Afsar Research Assistant Professor Emerging Pathogens Institute Vibrios; Vibro cholera; long term persistence; polysaccharide coatings; bacterial pathogenecity;... CV  (352) 273-7984 aali@epi.ufl.edu http://www.epi.ufl.edu/afsar-ali
Ali, Gul Shad Assistant Professor Department of Plant Pathology, UF/IFAS Extension, Mid-Florida Research & Education Center plant-microbe interaction, fungal diseases of ornamental and other crops.   (407)410-6933   gsali@ufl.edu   http://mrec.ifas.ufl.edu/faculty-directory/ali/
Allan, Sandra USDA Research entomologist; UF Courtesy Faculty U.S.D.A., Agriculture Research Services; UF Dept. of Entomology and Nematology Mosquito; mosquito ecology; tick; vector biology; behavior; trapping; attractants; surveillance;...   (352) 374-5940 sandy.allan@ars.usda.gov  
Alto, Barry Assitant Professor  IFAS Mosquito Ecology - Disease Transmission   (772)778-7200 ex.153 bwalto@ufl.edu http://fmel.ifas.ufl.edu/fmel---faculty-staff/faculty-profile-bw-alto/
Allred, David R. Associate Professor Veterinary Medicine: Dept. of Infectious Disease and Pathology Babesia; babesiosis; malaria; Plasmodium; antigenic variation; cytoadhesion   (352) 294-4126 allredd@vetmed.ufl.edu http://www.vetmed.ufl.edu/about-the-college/faculty-directory/david-allred/
Anderson, James Director, Institute for Global Food Systems College of Agricultural and Life Sciences food systems, environmental and biophysical interaction     james.anderson@ufl.edu  
Andrew, Jennifer Assistant Professor College of Engineering,Department of Materials Science and Engineering, NIMET Biomaterials, Drug Delivery,Nanomaterals, Multiferroics, Polymers    (352)846-3345   jandrew@mse.ufl.edu   http://andrewresearchgroup.com/members/
Archer, Douglas IFAS Associate Dean for Research IFAS Foodborne illness incidence; foodborne bacteria; microbiological food safety; food safety regulation   (352) 392-1784 dlarcher@ufl.edu http://research.ifas.ufl.edu/deans/douglas-archer
Avram, Dorina Professor of Medicine, Preeminence Professor (Tenured), Director of Pulmonary Immunology College of Medicine, Division of Pulmonary, Critical Care & Sleep Medicine Altered regulatory mechanisms of the immune system in autoimmune diseases and asthma      Dorina.Avram@medicine.ufl.edu    http://pulmonary.medicine.ufl.edu/about-us/meet-the-team/facultyarnpspas/dorina-avram-md/
Baker, Henry Professor and Chair Medicine: Dept. of Molecular Genetics and Microbiology Gene expression profiling; growth-rate regulation; regulation of glycolytic gene expression CV  (352) 392-0680 hvbaker@ufl.edu http://www.mgm.ufl.edu/faculty/hbaker.htm
Barbet, Tony Professor Veterinary Medicine: Dept. of Infectious Disease and Pathology Anaplasma; Ehrlichia; antigenic variation; tick-borne diseases; outer membrane proteins; molecular...   (352) 294-4119 barbet@ufl.edu http://www.vetmed.ufl.edu/about-the-college/faculty-directory/tony-barbet/
Bardosh,Kevin Research Assistant Professor  College of Liberal Arts & Science: Dept. of Anthropology Medical anthropology, infectious disease, global health, pandemics and emerging diseases..      kevinbardosh@ufl.edu https://anthro.ufl.edu/kevin-bardosh/
Barr,Kelli Research Assistant Professor  College of Vet Med: Dept. of Comparative, Diagnostic, and Population Medicine

Vector Borne Disease, Zoonotic Diseases, and Virus Evolution

  (352) 294-3915  kellibarr@ufl.edu  http://www.vetmed.ufl.edu/about-the-college/faculty-directory/kelli-l-barr/ 
Batich, Chris Professor; and Associate Director of Clinical and Translational Science Institute Engineering: Dept. of Materials Science and Engineering; and Clinical and Translational Science Institute Translational medicine; Microbicidal dressings; drug delivery; biomaterials; diagnostic devices CV (352) 392-6630 cbati@ufl.edu https://vivo.ufl.edu/display/n23877
Beau De Rochars,Valery Madsen Research Assistant Professor College of Public Health and Health Professions; EPI Vector borne diseases   (352) 294-5695 madsenbeau@phhp.ufl.edu  
Behringer, Don Associate Professor IFAS: Program in Fisheries and Aquatic Science Crustacean diseases; marine ecology; behavior; spiny lobster; PaV1 CV  (352) 273-3634 behringer@ufl.edu



Benton, Thomas         (352) 376-4542  notneb7@ufl.edu http://bentonpediatrics.com/ 
Berns, Kenneth Distinguised Professor Emeritus Department of Molecular Genetics and Microbiology Molecular Virology, Gene Therapy   (352) 273-8072 kberns@ufl.edu 
Bethart, Sally Clinical Assitant Professor College of Nursing home visiting, epidemiology and outbreak investigations,  bioterrorism and emergency preparedness   (352) 273-6372 sbeth12@ufl.edu
Binford, Michael Chair; Professor Dept. of Geography Macrosystems biogeography; geographic information systems and remote sensing applications in...   (352) 392-0494 mbinford@ufl.edu http://www.geog.ufl.edu/faculty/binford.html
Blackburn, Jason K. EPI Assistant Professor, and Assistant Professor of Geography EPI; Liberal Arts and Sciences, Dept. of geography GIS, remote sensing, ecological niche modeling, disease ecology, spatial distributions of disease,... CV  (352) 392-0494 jkblackburn@ufl.edu http://www.epi.ufl.edu/jason-blackburn/
Blackmore, Carina State Public Health Veterinarian; State Env. Epidemiolologist   Zoonotic disease; environmental epidemiology   (850) 245-4732 Carina_Blackmore@doh.state.fl.us http://egh.phhp.ufl.edu/personnel/faculty/carina-blackmore-ms-vet-med-phd/
Bliznyuk, Nikolay Assistant Professor IFAS/CALS; Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering Bayesian statistics, computational statistics, computer experiments, environmental applications, high-dimensional data, inverse problems, Monte Carlo methods,spatial and spatio-temporal modeling   (352) 392-3724 nbliznyuk@ufl.edu 
Bloom, David Associate Professor Medicine: Dept. of Molecular Genetics and Microbiology Vaccine, epigenetics, persistent infection, latency, neuroinvasion, neurovirulence, neurotropism CV  (352) 392-8520 dbloom@ufl.edu http://www.mgm.ufl.edu/faculty/dbloom.htm
Bloomquist, Jeff Professor IFAS Entomology and Nematology Comparative neurotoxicology of insects and mammals; developing chemical control methods to target... CV  (352) 273-9417 jbquist@epi.ufl.edu epi.ufl.edu/jeff-bloomquist/
Bonning, Bryony Eminent Scholar and professor  IFAS Entomology and Nematology molecular interactions between viruses and insects, and between microbe-derived insect toxins and their receptors


(352) 273-3984 bbonning@ufl.edu http://entnemdept.ufl.edu/people-directory/research/dr-bryony-c-bonning/
Bowen, Walter Associate Director IFAS: International Programs Soil science; agriculture; environment   (352) 392-1965 wbowen@ufl.edu http://international.ifas.ufl.edu/staff/bowen.shtml
Brlanksky, Ron Professor IFAS / Citrus Research and Education Center Citrus systemic pathogen; Candidatus Liberibacter asiaticus; Huanglongbing; stem pitting citrus...   (863) 956-1151 rhby@ufl.edu http://www.crec.ifas.ufl.edu/academics/faculty/brlansky/brlansky_ronald.shtml
Brown, Daniel Associate Professor Veterinary Medicine: Dept. of Infectious Diseases and Pathology Cellular microbiology, infectious diseases, bacteriology, bacterial genome sequencing and... CV  (352) 294-4004 drbrown@ufl.edu http://www.vetmed.ufl.edu/about-the-college/faculty-directory/dan-brown/
Brown, Mary Professor Veterinary Medicine: Dept. of Infectious Diseases and Pathology Pathogenic mechanisms of mycoplasmas; respiratory infection; urogenital infection   (352) 294-4029 mbbrown@ufl.edu http://www.vetmed.ufl.edu/about-the-college/faculty-directory/mary-brown/
Brumback, Babette Associate Professor Public Health and Health Professions: Dept. of Biostatistics Causal modeling and inference for clinical trials and observational studies; penalized spline...   (352) 273-5366 brumback@PHHP.UFL.EDU http://users.phhp.ufl.edu/brumback/
Burne, Bob Associate Dean for Research Oral Biology Dentistry: Dept. of Oral Biology Bacterial virulence; molecular mechanisms; environmental influences; microbiological, biochemical,... CV  (352) 392-4370 rburne@dental.ufl.edu Bob Burne home Page
Cannella, Anthony P. Assistant Professor Division of Infectious Diseases and Global Medicine; College of Medicine Innate and Adaptive Human Immunological responses with a focus on asymptomatic individuals infected with Neglected Tropical Diseases CV  (352) 273-9382 anthony.cannella@medicine.ufl.edu http://id.medicine.ufl.edu/sample-page/meet-the-team/anthony-p-cannella-m-d-m-sc/
Capua, Ilaria Director of the One Health Center of Excellence and Professor of Veterinary Medicine College of Veterinary Medicine Avian influenza; zoonotic diseases; disease transmission CV  (352) 294-8465 icapua@ufl.edu  
Castleman, Bill Professor Veterinary Medicine: Dept. of Infectious Diseases and Pathology Viral disease pathology; comparative pathology; viral respiratory disease pathogenesis; influenza...   (352) 294-4120 castlema@ufl.edu http://www.vetmed.ufl.edu/directory/williamcastleman.html
Castleman, Joan B. Clinical Associate Professor College of Nursing Public health, specifically in health promotion and disease prevention   (352) 273-6362 jbcastle@ufl.edu http://con.ufl.edu/faculty_detail.aspx?ID=33
Cherabuddi, Kartik Assistant Professor, Director of Antimicrobial Stewardship  Division of Infectious diseases and Global Medicine, College of Medicine Antimicrobial resistance, Antibiotic stewardship, Vector borne diseases, Hospital Epidemiology, Device Associated Infections, HIV CV (352)294-5481  cherabuddi@ufl.edu  https://ufhealth.org/kartik-cherabuddi 
Cimiotti ,Jeannie Associate Professor and Endowed Chair and Director of Florida Blue Center for Health Care Quality Coellege of Nursing Development and implementation of health care surveys, and managing large healthcare datasets    (352)273-6342    jcimiotti@ufl.edu   http://nursing.ufl.edu/faculty/jeannie-p-cimiotti-phd-rn-faan/
Clark-Curtiss, Josephine Professor of Microbiology College of Medicine; Emerging Pathogens Institute Leprosy, Tuberculosis CV  352-294-5481 jclarkcurt@ufl.edu http://curtiss.vetmed.ufl.edu/
Condit, Rich Professor Medicine: Dept. of Molecular Genetics and Microbiology Virology; genetics; transcription; virus assembly; vaccinia; poxviruses   (352) 392-3128 condit@mgm.ufl.edu http://www.mgm.ufl.edu/faculty/rcondit.htm
Connelly, Roxanne Associate Professor Agriculture and Life Sciences, IFAS: Dept. of Entomology and Nematology Medical Entomology; Mosquito Identification; Mosquito Biology; Mosquito Control   (772) 778-7200 crr@ufl.edu http://mosquito.ifas.ufl.edu/Connelly.htm
Cook, Robert L. Associate Professor Public Health and Health Professions : Dept. of Epidemiology and Biostatistics; Medicine: Dept. of Medicine, Division of Internal Medicine Epidemiology, HIV infections, STDs, risk behavior assessment, alcohol and drug use, clinical trials... CV  (352) 273-5869 cookrl@ufl.edu http://www.epi.ufl.edu/robert-l-cook/
Crawford, Patti Research Assistant Professor Veterinary Medicine: Small Animal Clinical Services Canine and feline infectious disease and immunology; diagnostic tests and vaccines; transfusion... CV  (352) 258-9263 crawfordc@vetmed.ufl.edu http://www.vetmed.ufl.edu/about-the-college/faculty-directory/cynda-crawford/
Cummings, Derek Professor Liberal Arts and Sciences: Dept. of Biology Infectious Diseases CV  (352) 392-1107 datc@ufl.edu http://epi.ufl.edu/derek-cummings/
Dame, John Professor and Chair Veterinary Medicine: Dept. of Infectious Disease and Pathology Parasitology; malaria; molecular parasitology; molecular biology; anti-malarial drug target... CV  (352) 294-4118 damej@ufl.edu http://www.vetmed.ufl.edu/about-the-college/faculty-directory/john-dame/
Danyluk, Michelle Associate Professor IFAS Citrus Research & Education Center Food safety and microbiology of fruit juices, fresh fruits, vegetables and tree nuts. CV  (863) 956-8654 mddanyluk@ufl.edu http://fshn.ifas.ufl.edu/directory/faculty/danyluk/
Dark, Michael Assistant Professor Veterinary Medicine: Dept. of Infectious Diseases and Pathology Anaplasma; veterinary pathology; high-throughput genome sequencing; comparative bacterial genomics CV  (352) 294-4138 darkm@vetmed.ufl.edu http://www.vetmed.ufl.edu/about-the-college/faculty-directory/michael-dark/
Day, Jonathan Professor of Medical Entomology IFAS: Florida Medical Entomology Lab Arboviral surveillance; arboviral transmission; arboviral amplification; arboviral transmission...   (772) 778-7200 ext.132 JFDay@ifas.ufl.edu http://mosquito.ifas.ufl.edu/Day.htm
Dean, Natalie Assistant Professor Department of Biostatistics, College of Public Health & Health Professions, College of Medicine Infectious disease surveillance, survey design, clinical trials, and vaccines. CV  (352) 294-1945 nataliedean@ufl.edu http://biostat.ufl.edu/about/people/faculty/dean-natalie-e/ 
Deng, Zhanao Associate Professor Environmental Horticulture Department Development of new plants for the Florida environmental horticulture industry;genetic and molecular...   (813) 633-4134 zdeng@ufl.edu http://vivo.ufl.edu/display/n18620
Derendorf, Hartmut Distinguished professor and Chair Pharmacy: Dept. of Pharmaceutics Pharmacokinectis; pharmacodynamics; PK-PD modeling; drug development; tissue Levels of anti-... CV  (352) 273-7856 hartmut@ufl.edu http://www.cop.ufl.edu/2010/09/hartmut-derendorf/
Devleesschauwer, Brecht Assistant Scientist Department of Animal Sciences Global Food Safety   (352)-392-1981 x230 bdevleesschauwer@ufl.edu  
Dickinson, Richard Professor Engineering: Dept. of Chemical Engineering Actin-based motility; invasive pathogens; Listeria; Shigella; Rickettsia; polymerization motors   (352) 392-0898 dickinso@che.ufl.edu http://www.che.ufl.edu/faculty/dickinson
Ding, Yousong Assistant Professor of Medicinal Chemistry Department of Medicinal Chemistry;College of Pharmacy Drug discovery and development, protein engineering, synthetic biology (352)273-7742 yding@cop.ufl.edu http://pharmacy.ufl.edu/faculty/yousong-ding/
Dinglasan, Rhoel David Ramos Director of the CDC Southeastern Regional Center of Excellence in Vector Borne Diseases College of Veterinary Medicine molecular parasitology, arbovirology, molecular medical entomology, glycoproteomics, cell biology, microbial pathogenesis, vector-borne disease transmission biology CV   (352) 294-8448   rdinglasan@epi.ufl.edu http://www.dinglasanlab.org/
Donohoe, Holly Assistant Professor College of liberal Arts & Sciences: Geography dept.       hdonohoe@hhp.ufl.edu  
Dufault, Nicholas Assistant Professor  IFAS, Plant Pathology Plant disease epidemiology and aerobiology    (352) 273-4623    nsdufault@ufl.edu    http://plantpath.ifas.ufl.edu/faculty/nicholas-dufault/ 
Edelmann, Mariola Assistant Professor College of Agricultural and Life Sciences; Department of Microbiology and Cell Science Salmonella, Yersinia, host-pathogen interactions, proteomics, exosomes, ubiquitin-proteasome system, inflammasome (352)846-0954 medelmann@ufl.edu http://microcell.ufl.edu/directory/faculty-info/
Fan, Z.Hugh Professor College of Enigineering: Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Microfluidics, sensors,  protein expression, point-of-care platforms, toxin and virus detection   (352) 846-3021 hfan@ufl.edu http://www.mae.ufl.edu/~hfan
Folimonova, Svetlana Assistant Professor Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (IFAS) Citrus greening   352-273-4655 svetlana@ufl.edu http://epi.ufl.edu/svetlana-folimonova/
Gao, Bin Assistant Professor Agriculture and Life Sciences: Dept. of Agricultural and Biological Engineering Water quality; hydrologic modeling; pathogen fate and transport   (352) 392-1864, ext. 285 bg55@ufl.edu http://abe.ufl.edu/bingao/
Garrett, Karen Preeminent Professor IFAS;Plant Pathology Department; Institute for Sustainable Food Systems;EPI Disease ecology, statistics and modeling, impact network analysis   (352) 273-4638 karengarrett@ufl.edu 
Gaskin, Jack Associate Professor Emeritus Veterinary Medicine: Dept. of Infectious Disease and Pathology Veterinary microbiology; Veterinary bacteriology; Veterinary virology; Veterinary mycology;...   (352) 294-4100 jgaskin@ufl.edu http://vivo.ufl.edu/individual?uri=http%3A%2F%2Fvivo.ufl.edu%2Findividual%2Fn10287
Gibbs, Paul Professor Veterinary Medicine: Dept. of Infectious Disease and Pathology Veterinary virology; epidemiology of arboviruses; zoonoses; disease control policy; vaccine...   (352) 294-4182 pgibbs@ufl.edu http://www.vetmed.ufl.edu/about-the-college/faculty-directory/paul-gibbs/
Glass, Gregory Professor Liberal Arts and Sciences: Dept. of Geography Microbiology and immunology CV  (352) 392-0494 gglass@ufl.edu  
Goss, Erica M. Assistant Professor of Plant Pathology Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences, Department of Plant Pathology Plant pathogen population genetics and evolution, host-pathogen coevolution, molecular evolution of... CV  (352) 273-4650 emgoss@ufl.edu http://www.epi.ufl.edu/erica-goss/
Greiner, Ellis Professor Emeritus Veterinary Medicine: Dept. of Infectious Disease and Pathology Parasites; parasite diagnostics; terrestrial or human hosts; helminths; protozoans; arthropods   (352) 331-5927 greinere@vetmed.ufl.edu https://vivo.ufl.edu/display/n24198
Grieshaber, Scott Assistant Professor Dentistry: Dept. of Oral Biology Intracellular pathogens; Chlamydia; Rickettsia; cell biology; cytoskeleton; microtubules; actin   (352) 846-0265 sgriesha@ufl.edu https://vivo.ufl.edu/display/n27814
Gulig, Paul Professor Medicine: Dept. of Molecular Genetics and Microbiology Bacterial pathogenesis; Vibrio vulnificus; microbe detection; bacterial genetics; phage display CV  (352) 392-0050 gulig@ufl.edu http://www.mgm.ufl.edu/faculty/pgulig.htm
Gums, John Professor Medicine: Dept. of Community, Health and Family Medicine; and Pharmacy: Dept. of Pharmacy Practice Antibiotic surveillance; data mining in antibiotic resistance; improving antibiotic stewardship;...   (352) 392-4541 jgums@ufl.edu http://www.armprogram.com/Director.aspx
Guzick, David Senior Vice President for health affairs Medicine: Obstetrics and Gynecology Infertility, Polycystic ovary syndrome, Reproductibe Endocrinology and Infertility   (352)265-6200     https://ufhealth.org/david-s-guzick  
Hadfield,Ted Adjunct Professor UF Vet School, Infectious Diseases and Pathology, Emerging Pathogens Institute Medical Mircobiology, Molecular Biology Diagnostics, Biological safety     thadfield@ufl.edu  
Handfield, Martin Associate Professor Dentistry: Dept. of Oral Biology Molecular characterization of human bacterial infections; integrated tools of molecular biology;...   (352) 846-0763 mhandfield@dental.ufl.edu http://vivo.ufl.edu/display/n12860
Hansen, Peter Professor Agriculture and Life Sciences: Dept. of Animal Sciences; IFAS Ruminant reproduction; cellular stress; embryonic function   (352) 392-5590 hansen@animal.ufl.edu http://www.animal.ufl.edu/hansen/
Harmon, Carrie Lapaire Associate Director, Southern Plant Diagnostic Network IFAS: Dept. of Plant Pathology National Plant Diagnostic Network; Southern Plant Diagnostic Network; plant diagnostic lab;...   (352) 392-3631, ext. 254 clharmon@ufl.edu http://plantpath.ifas.ufl.edu/People/Faculty/harmon_c/harmon_c.htm
Harvey, Bill Professor, Whitney Laboratory for Marine Bioscience Whitney Laboratory for Marine Bioscience: Dept. of Physiology V-ATPase; amino acid transporters; Na+/H+ Antiporters; Na+/H+ exchangers; mosquito midgut;... CV (904) 461-4045 wharvey@whitney.ufl.edu http://www.whitney.ufl.edu/research_programs/harvey.htm
Havelaar, Arie Professor College of Agricultural & Life Sciences, Department of Animal Sciences risk assesment of infectious diseases, food safety CV  (352) 273-5921 mailto:ariehavelaar@ufl.edu  
Hogan, William Professor College of Medicine, Health Outcomes & Policy, Institute for Child Health Policy clinical informatics, public health informatics, biosurveillance, electronic health records, clinical decision support, research informatics, and data standards   (352)294-4197 hoganwr@ufl.edu http://health-outcomes-policy.ufl.edu/about/faculty-directory-2/hogan-b/ill
Holt, Robert Eminent Scholar Liberal Arts and Sciences: Dept. of Biology Ecology   (352) 392-6917 rdholt@ufl.edu http://vivo.ufl.edu/display/n31441
Hopkins, Richard Adjunct Professor Department of Epidemiology; Colleges of Public Health and Health Professions and of Medicine Applied epidemiology; public health surveillance (850)544-7614 hopkinsrs@ufl.edu http://epidemiology.phhp.ufl.edu/people/faculty/richard-s-hopkins/
Huigens, Robert Assistant Professor of Medicinal Chemistry College of Pharmacy Drug discovery, Synthetic Medicinal Chemistry, Antibcterial Screening, Biofil-eradicating Agents (352)273-7718 rhuigens@COP.UFL.EDU http://pharmacy.ufl.edu/faculty/robert-w-huigens-iii/
Hulcr, Jiri Assistant Professor IFAS; School of Forest Resources and Conservation; Dept. of Entomology and Nematology Forest entomology and microbiology; the ambrosia symbiotic complex - beetles, fungi, bacteria   (352) 273-0299 hulcr@ufl.edu http://www.ambrosiasymbiosis.org/researchers/jiri-hulcr/
Inglett, Kanika Sharma Research Assistant Professor Agricultural and Life Sciences: Environmental Microbiology Climate change effects on carbon and nitrogen cycling; greenhouse gas emissions in terrestrial and...   (352) 392-1803 ext. 223 kanika@ufl.edu http://soils.ifas.ufl.edu/personnel/inglettKanika.html
Iovine, Nicole Assistant Professor Medicine; Division of Infectious Diseases The relationships between innate immunity and Gram-negative bacteria, such as autophagy; novel... CV  (352) 392-4058 nicole.iovine@medicine.ufl.edu http://www.medicine.ufl.edu/infecdis/Iovine.asp
Irani, Traci Professor Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences Public attitudes toward science and technology; agriculture education CV  (352) 273-2588 irani@ufl.edu http://epi.ufl.edu/tracy-irani/
Isaza, Ramiro Associate Professor Veterinary Medicine: Dept. of Small Animal Clinical Sciences Zoological medicine; non-domestic species; wildlife; zoonotic diseases; tuberculosis; elephants;...   (352) 294-4443 isazar@vetmed.ufl.edu http://www.vetmed.ufl.edu/about-the-college/faculty-directory/ramiro-isaza/
Jacobson, Elliott Professor Veterinary Medicine: Dept. of Small Animal Clinical Sciences Reptiles; infectious diseases; pathology; medicine; blood values   (352) 294-4417 JacobsonE@vetmed.ufl.edu http://www.vetmed.ufl.edu/about-the-college/faculty-directory/elliott-jacobson/
Jeong, Kwang Cheol Assistant Professor Department of Animal Sciences Molecular Microbiology, Bacterial Pathogenesis, Food Safety CV (352) 294-5376 kcjeong@ufl.edu https://sites.google.com/site/thejeonglab/
Jin, Shouguang Professor Medicine: Dept. of Molecular Genetics and Mircobiology Host-pathogen interaction; Bacterial pathogenesis, antibiotic resistance and drug discovery   (352) 273-5973 sjin@mgm.ufl.edu http://www.mgm.ufl.edu/faculty/sjin.htm
Johnson, Judith Director of CORE laboratories, and Professor Medicine: Dept. of Pathology Clinical microbiology; bacterial polysaccharides; antibiotic resistance; molecular typing CV  (352) 273-9428 jajohnson@pathology.ufl.edu http://www.epi.ufl.edu/judy-johnson/
Kane, Andy Director of Aquatic Pathobiology Lab; Associate Professor Public Health and Health Professions: Environmental Health Program Aquatic pathobiology; fish; fish disease; water; toxicology; environment; outreach; aquatic animal... CV (352) 273-9090 kane@ufl.edu http://www.epi.ufl.edu/andrew-kane/
Kang, Seokyoung Research Assistant Professor            
Karst, Stephanie Associate Professor College of Medicine Pathogenesis of noroviruses, innate immune responses to norovirus infection and molecular mechanisms of norovirus replication CV  352-273-5627 skarst@ufl.edu http://epi.ufl.edu/stephanie-karst/
Kaufman, Phillip E. Associate Professor IFAS; Entomology and Nematology Department Veterinary entomology and livestock entomology   (352) 273-3975 pkaufman@ufl.edu http://entnemdept.ufl.edu/kaufman.htm
Keesling, James Professor, and Chair Liberal Arts and Sciences: Dept. of Mathematics Biomathematical modeling; modeling insect migration; modeling transmission of dengue hemorrhagic... CV  (352) 392-0281, ext. 289 kees@ufl.edu http://www.math.ufl.edu/~kees
Kima, Peter Associate Professor IFAS Parasitology; immunoparasitology; tropical infectious disease; cell biology   (352) 392-0384 pkima@ufl.edu http://microcell.ufl.edu/personnel/faculty/kima.shtml
Klein, Paul Professor Emeritus Medicine: Pathology Immunology, virology, microbial pathogenesis and host defense mechanisms in lower vertebrates;...   (352) 331-8557 paklein@ufl.edu http://pathology.ufl.edu/faculty/emeritus-faculty/paul-a-klein/
Klinker, Kenneth P. Clinical Specialist, Infectious Diseases Shands at UF Antimicrobial stewardship CV  (352) 265-0111 ext. 45892 klinkk@SHANDS.UFL.EDU http://vivo.ufl.edu/display/n15826
Kolli, Jaya Lecturer College of Medicine, Department of Physiology and Functional Genomics     (352)273-8693 jkolli@ufl.edu http://physiology.med.ufl.edu/faculty/jaya-p-kolli-m-d/
Koroly, Mary Jo Director, Center for Pre-Collegiate Education and Training; Academic Affairs Medicine: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Research Education; HHMI pre-college grant on emerging pathogens   (352) 392-7685 korolymj@ufl.edu http://cpet.ufl.edu/staff/Koroly.html
Kwara, Awewura Associate Professor Division of Infectious Diseases & Global Medicine,College of Medicine Infectious Diseases with an emphasis on TB and HIV research CV (352)273-9501 Awewura.Kwara@medicine.ufl.edu http://id.medicine.ufl.edu/sample-page/faculty/awewura-kwara-md/
Larkin III, Joseph Assistant Professor IFAS T cell tolerance; regulatory T cell; thymic development; autoimmune disease; diabetes   (352) 392-6884 jlarkin3@ufl.edu http://microcell.ifas.ufl.edu/personnel/faculty/larkin.shtml
Lauzardo, Michael Chief, Division of Infectious Diseases and Global Medicine, College of Medicine Medicine Pulmonary medicine; tuberculosis; Mycobacterial infections CV  (352) 273-7682 lauzam@medicine.ufl.edu http://id.medicine.ufl.edu/about-us/meet-the-team/michael-lauzardo-m-d-msc/
Lednicky, John Associate Professor Public Health and Health Professions: Dept. of Environmental and Global Health Avian influenza virus H5N1 and other influenza viruses; live agent bioaerosol inhalation studies;... CV  (352) 273-9204 jlednicky@phhp.ufl.edu http://egh.phhp.ufl.edu/personnel/faculty/john-lednicky-phd/
Lee, Won Suk Professor IFAS: Agricultural and Biological Engineering Image processing; hyperspectral imaging; citrus greening disease; Huanglongbing CV  (352) 392-1864 ext. 207 wslee@ufl.edu http://abe.ufl.edu/people/directory/lee-wonsuk.shtml
Levings, Randall           Randall.L.Levings@aphis.usda.gov  
Levy, Julie Professor Veterinary Medicine: Small Animal Clinical Sciences Feline infectious diseases; canine infectious diseases; feral cat population control;... CV (352) 273-8722 levyj@vetmed.ufl.edu http://www.vetmed.ufl.edu/about-the-college/faculty-directory/julie-levy/
 Lew, Judy Clinical Associate Professor College of Medicine, Department of Pediatrics, Infectious Diseases clinical trials, immunology, Rheumatology.    (352)294-5252     https://ufhealth.org/judy-lew/research
Liang, Song Associate Professor Public Health and Health Professions: Dept. of Environmental and Global Health Environmental epidemiology and dynamic modeling of water- and vector-borne infectious diseases;...   (352) 273-9203 songliang@ufl.edu http://egh.phhp.ufl.edu/personnel/faculty/song-liang-phd/
Linser, Paul Professor Whitney Laboratory for Marine Bioscience Larval mosquito biology; vector insects; cell biology; molecular biology; molecular physiology   (904) 461-4036 pjl@whitney.ufl.edu http://www.whitney.ufl.edu/research_programs/linser-lab.htm
Liu, Chen Associate Professor Medicine: Dept. of Pathology HBV; HCV; innate immunity; apoptosis; interferon; adaptive immunity   (352) 273-5413 liu@pathology.ufl.edu http://www.pathology.ufl.edu/~liu/
Long, Maureen Associate Professor Veterinary Medicine: Dept. of Infectious Diseases and Pathology Veterinary medicine; large animal medicine; equine; viruses; West Nile virus; Ehrlicia; eastern...   (352) 294-4162 longm@ufl.edu http://www.vetmed.ufl.edu/about-the-college/faculty-directory/maureen-long/
Longini, Ira Professor of Biostatistics, Co-director of the Center for Statistics and Quantitative Infectious Diseases (CSQUID) at the Emerging Pathogens Institute Public Health and Health Professions Analysis of infectious disease transmission and control; stochastic processes; biostatistics;... CV  (352) 273-6711 ilongini@ufl.edu http://www.epi.ufl.edu/ira-longini/
Lord, Cynthia Associate Professor Florida Medical Entomology Laboratory Research on modeling and quantitative biology of insects of medical and veterinary importance and...   (352) 778-7200 ext. 157 clord@ufl.edu http://vivo.ufl.edu/display/n56979
Lounibos, L. Philip Professor Florida Medical Entomology Laboratory Invasive species; mosquito biology; vector ecology   (772) 778-7200 lounibos@ufl.edu http://fmel.ifas.ufl.edu/personnel/lounibos/current_research.shtml
Mai, Volker Associate Professor Public Health and Health Professions; Medicine Gut microbiota; microbial ecology; infectious causes of cancer; diet and cancer; novel diarrhea... CV  (352) 273-9398 vmai@ufl.edu http://www.epi.ufl.edu/volker-mai/
Mao, Liang Assistant Professor Liberal Arts and Sciences: Dept. of Geography Spatial modeling for disease epidemics, disease control strategies, spatial/social network analysis...   352-294-7502 liangmao@ufl.edu http://www.geog.ufl.edu/faculty/mao.html
Marois, Jim Professor Agriculture and Life Sciences: Dept. of Plant Pathology; IFAS Emerging plant pathogens; soybean rust; plant epidemiology   (850) 875-7120 jmarois@ufl.edu http://nfrec.ifas.ufl.edu/contact/JimMarois.shtml
Maruniak, James E. Associate Professor IFAS: Dept. of Entomology and Nematology; Microbiology and Cell Science Virology; arboviruses; mosquitoes; insect viruses; baculovirus biocontrol; protein expression   (352) 273-3960 marun@ufl.edu http://entnem.ifas.ufl.edu/maruniak.htm
Mathias, Derrick Associate Professor IFAS: Florida Medical Entomology Laboratory   CV  (772) 778-7200 X 173 d.mathias@ufl.edu http://fmel.ifas.ufl.edu/fmel---faculty-staff/faculty-profile-d-mathias/
Maurelli, Anthony Professor of Environmental and Global Health College of Public Health and Health Professions Bacterial pathogenesis; bacterial genetics CV (352)294-5029 amaurelli@phhp.ufl.edu http://egh.phhp.ufl.edu/personnel/faculty-2/primary-faculty/anthony-maurelli-phd/
Mergia, Ayalew Professor Veterinary Medicine: Dept. of Infectious Disease and Pathology HIV; foamy virus vectors; molecular virology   (352) 294-4139 mergiaa@ufl.edu http://www.vetmed.ufl.edu/about-the-college/faculty-directory/ayalew-mergia/
Mohamadzadeh, Mansour Professor Veterinary Medicine: Dept. of Infectious Diseases and Pathology Properties of novel adjuvants that induce the activation of mucosal DCs; cellular and molecular... CV  (352) 294-4117 m.zadeh@ufl.edu http://www.vetmed.ufl.edu/about-the-college/faculty-directory/mansour-mohamadzadeh/
Moore, Gloria Professor Agriculture and Life Sciences: Dept. of Horticultural Sciences Citrus pathogens; citrus greening; citrus canker; systemic acquired resistance   (352) 392-4711, ext. 221 gamoore@ufl.edu http://www.hos.ufl.edu/mooreweb/
Morris, J. Glenn EPI Director, and Professor of Infectious Disease EPI; Public Health and Health Professions: Dept. of Public Health Foodborne illness; antimicrobial resistance; emerging pathogens CV  (352) 273-7526 jgmorris@epi.ufl.edu http://www.epi.ufl.edu/j-glenn-morris-jr/
Moussatche, Nissin Associate Professor Medicine: Dept. of Molecular Genetics and Microbiology Poxvirus; vaccinia virus; viral replication; virus morphogenesis; antiviral research   (352) 392-3093 nissin@ufl.edu http://vivo.ufl.edu/display/n7604
Moyer, Richard W.           rmoyer@ufl.edu  
Mulligan, Connie UF Genetics Institute Associate Director; Associate Professor Liberal Arts and Sciences: Dept. of Anthropology HIV; Yemen; Horn of Africa; molecular genetics; population history CV  (352) 273-8092 mulligan@anthro.ufl.edu http://www.clas.ufl.edu/users/mulligan/Webpage/index.html
Myers, Paul Administrator, Alachua County Health Department Alachua County Health Department Environmental health; public health; septic tanks   (352) 334-7902 Paul_Myers@doh.state.fl.us http://doh.state.fl.us/
Nelson, Eric Assistant Professor of Pediatrics College of Medicine Pediatric infectious diseases; Vibrio cholerae   (352) 294-8536 eric.nelson@ufl.edu https://ufhealth.org/eric-nelson/background;
Nerurkar, Vivek Professor and Chair of Department of Tropical Medicine University of Hawaii at Moana, School of Medicine, Department of Medical Microbiology & Pharmacology infectious diseases, virology, neurovirology.    (808) 692-1668 nerurkar@hawaii.edu   http://manoa.hawaii.edu/tropicalmedicine/?page_id=473
Ngonghala, Calistus Assistant Professor College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Department of Mathematics. Malaria   (352)294-2335   calistusnn@ufl.edu   http://africa.ufl.edu/calistus-n-ngonghala/
Nicoletti, Paul Emeritus Professor Veterinary Medicine; Infectious Diseases and Pathology Brucellosis and zoonotic diseases   (352) 294-4289 nicolettip@ufl.edu http://vivo-vis.cns.iu.edu/vivo/display/n113723
Nishida, Toshikazu Associate Professor Electrical and Computer Engineering Solid-state sensors and actuators, micro-electro-mechanical systems, device physics and reliability.   (352) 392-6774 nishida@ufl.edu http://www.ece.ufl.edu/people/faculty/nishida.html
Nollens, Hendrik Clinical Assistant Professor Veterinary Medicine Marine mammal clinical immunology; viral disesases of marine mammals   (352) 294-4517 nollensh@ufl.edu http://vivo.ufl.edu/display/n22930
Oli, Madan Associate Professor Agricultural and Life Sciences: Dept. of Wildlife and Ecology Conservation Disease dynamics; disease models; transmission rates; ecology of infectious diseases; population...   (352) 846-0561 olim@ufl.edu http://www.wec.ufl.edu/faculty/olim/
Oil, Monika Senior Lecturer and Undergraduate Coordinator IFAS, Department of Microbiology and Cell Science     (352)392-8434 moli@ufl.edu http://microcell.ufl.edu/monika-oli/
Okech, Bernard Research Assistant Scientist Public Health and Health Professions: Dept. of Epidemiology and Statistics Malaria; gametocytes; vector competence; larval biology and ecology; Anopheles mosquitoes; mosquito...   (352) 273-5254 bokech@ufl.edu http://www.epi.ufl.edu/bernard-okech/
O'Meara, George Professor Agriculture and Life Sciences: Florida Medical Entomology Laboratory Mosquito biology; mosquito control; invasive species   (772) 778-7200 gfo@ufl.edu http://entnemdept.ifas.ufl.edu/omeara.htm
Pascual, David W. Professor of Immunology Veterinary Medcine, Dept. of Infectious Diseases and Pathology Mucosal immunology and vaccines CV  (352) 294-4104 pascuald@ufl.edu  
Peloquin, Charles Director, Infectious Disease Pharmacokinetics Laboratory; and Professor Pharmacy; and EPI Therapeutic drug monitoring; pharmacokinetics; tuberculosis; mycobacterial infections; agressive... CV  (352) 273-6266 peloquin@cop.ufl.edu http://www.epi.ufl.ed/charles-peloquin/
Petty, Denise Clinical Assistant Professor Veterinary Medicine: Dept. of Large Animal Clinical Services Aquaculture; aquatic animals; finfish; shellfish   (352) 392-9617, ext. 229 pettyd@ufl.edu http://www.vetmed.ufl.edu/about-the-college/faculty-directory/denise-petty/
Polston, Jane Professor IFAS: Dept. of Plant Pathology Plant virus; transgenic resistance; ssDNA virus; Geminivirus   (352) 273-4627 jep@ufl.edu http://plantpath.ifas.ufl.edu/People/Faculty/Polston/polston.htm
Ponciano, Jose Miguel Assistant Professor Liberal Arts and Sciences: Dept. of Biology Application of stochastic processes in ecology and evolution   (352) 392-2784 josemi@ufl.edu http://www.biology.ufl.edu/people/faculty/josemi.aspx
Prins, Cindy Clinical Assistant Professor Public Health and Health Professions: Dept.of Epidemiology, Public health biology, principles of epidemiology   (352) 273-5934 capfive@phhp.ufl.edu http://epidemiology.phhp.ufl.edu/people/faculty/
Progulske-Fox, Ann Distinguished Professor Dentistry: Dept. of Oral Biology Oral biology, molecular mechanisms of pathogenesis of Porphyromonas gingivalis (P. gingivalis), a... CV  (352) 273-8835 apfox@dental.ufl.edu http://www.dental.ufl.edu/Offices/Oral_Biology/faculty/Progulske-Fox_Ann/
Prosperi, Mattia Associate Professor College of Medicine and the College of Public Health and Health Profession epidemiology, data science, next-generation sequencing analytics   352-273-5860 m.prosperi@phhp.ufl.edu http://epidemiology.phhp.ufl.edu/people/faculty/mattia-prosperi/
Psychas, Paul J Assistant Professor College of Medicine Malaria control programming, malaria spatial epidemiology, operations research. Clinical care of under-served populations   (352) 265-7015 ppsychas@ufl.edu  
Pulliam, Juliet Assistant Professor College of Public Health and Health Professions: Dept. of Environmental and Global Health Infectious disease dynamics, viral host jumps, quantitative ecology, epidemiology of viral encephalitides..   (352) 273-6684 pulliam@ufl.edu http://egh.phhp.ufl.edu/faculty-2/michael-von-fricken-mph/juliet-pulliam-phd/
Qi, Xin Assistant Professor  College of Pharmacy, department of Medicinal Chemistry     (352)294-5581 xqi@cop.ufl.edu  
Ramphal, Reuben  Associate Professor  Medicine, Division of Infectious Diseases & Global Medicine Infectious diseases and internal medicine    (352)392-4058  ramphr@medicine.ufl.edu   http://id.medicine.ufl.edu/sample-page/faculty/reuben-ramphal-md/
Rand, Kenneth Professor Medicine: Dept. of Pathology, Imunology and Laboratory Medicine Clinical microbiology; clinical virology; infectious diseases; antibiotic susceptibility;...   (265) 265-111 ext. 72039 rand@pathology.ufl.edu http://www.pathology.ufl.edu/~kenrand/
Rathore, Mobeen Professor Pediatrics: Division of Pediatric Infectious Diseases and Immunology Pediatric Infectious Diseases; immunizations, pediatric HIV; infectious diseases in children;...   (904) 244-3739 mobeen.rathore@jax.ufl.edu http://www.hscj.ufl.edu/pediatrics/bio.asp?id=1138
Reed, David Assistant Curator of Mammalogy Florida Museum of Natural History: Mammology Range Mammamlogy; phylogenetics; host/parasite coevolution; population genetics; phylogeography; genomics...   (352) 273-1971 dreed@flmnh.ufl.edu http://www.flmnh.ufl.edu/mammals/
Rey, Jorge Professor IFAS: Florida Medical Entomology Laboratory Mosquito; vector; ecology; wetlands; urban; dengue; GIS   (772) 778-7200, ext. 136 jrey@ufl.edu http://fmel.ifas.ufl.edu/personnel/rey/research_interests.shtml
Rice, Kelly C. Associate Professor Dept. of Microbiology and Cell Science Physiology and biofilm development of gram-positive pathogens   (352) 392-1192 kcrice@ufl.edu http://microcell.ufl.edu/personnel/faculty/rice.shtml
Roberts, Stephen Professor and Program Director Veterinary Medicine: Dept. of Physiological Sciences Immunotoxicology; nanomaterial biocompatibility; risk assessment   (352) 392-2243, ext. 5500 smroberts@ufl.edu http://egh.phhp.ufl.edu/personnel/faculty/stephen-m-roberts-phd/
Roderick, Gary Professor Agriculture and Life Sciences: Dept. of Food Science Food safety; seafood safety; Schistosomiasis; molluscan control; oyster processing and post harvest...   (352) 392-1991 GERodrick@ifas.ufl.edu http://fshn.ifas.ufl.edu/pages/rodrick.shtml
Romeo, Tony Professor IFAS; Dept. of Microbiology and Cell Science Bacterial gene expression, posttranscriptional regulation, sRNAs, molecular genetics of biofilm...   (352) 392-2400 tromeo@ufl.edu http://microcell.ufl.edu/personnel/faculty/romeo.shtml
Romero, Carlos Research Professor Veterinary Medicine: Dept. of Infectious Disease and Pathology Animal virology: exotic viruses of livestock and poultry; emerging viruses of marine mammals;...   (352) 294-4171 romeroc@ufl.edu http://www.vetmed.ufl.edu/about-the-college/faculty-directory/carlos-romero/
Ryan, Kathleen Clinical Associate Professor Department of Pediatrics Influenza Vaccination   (352) 273-9573 ryanka@ufl.edu  
Ryan, Sadie Assistant Professor Dept. of Geography Conservation Biology, Population Ecology, Disease Ecology, Landscape Ecology, GIS CV (352) 392-0494 sjryan@ufl.edu www.sadieryan.net 
Sabo-Attwood, Tara Associate Professor Public Health and Health Professions: Dept. Environmental and Global Health Mechanisms of particle-induced pulmonary injury; understanding molecular mechanisms controlling... CV  (352) 294-5293 sabo@phhp.ufl.edu http://www.epi.ufl.edu/tara-sabo-attwood
Salemi, Marco Professor  College of Medicine, Dept. of Pathology Phylogenetic analysis; molecular evolution; molecular epidemiology; viral evolution; HIV evolution... CV  (352) 273-9567 salemi@pathology.ufl.edu http://www.epi.ufl.edu/marco-salemi/
Sammons,David Professor emeritus, Former Dean of University of Florida International Center College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Center for African Studies plsnt breeding/genetics, international agronomy, development assistance, vegetable crops  CV    sammons@ufl.edu http://africa.ufl.edu/sammons/
Schneider, Keith Associate Professor IFAS, Food Science and Human Nutrition Food safety, particularly with respect to produce, juice and beverage safety   (352) 392-1991 ext. 309 keiths29@ufl.edu http://fshn.ifas.ufl.edu/pages/schneider.shtml
Schuerger, Andrew Plant Pathologist Agriculture: Dept. of Plant Pathology Astrobiology; aerobiology; pathogen dispersal; global dispersal; planetary protection; Mars...   (321) 861-3478 acschuerger@ifas.ufl.edu http://plantpath.ifas.ufl.edu/People/Faculty/Schuerger/Schuerger.htm
Schultz, Gregory Professor Medicine: Dept. of Obstetrics and Gynecology Herpes simplex; bacterial biofilms; microbicidal dressings; rapid point-of-care diagnostics; matrix... CV  (352) 273-7560 schultzg@obgyn.ufl.edu http://obgyn.ufl.edu/research/schultz/bios.php?id=GregorySchultz
Schweizer, Herbert Professor College of Medicine Molecular Genetics and Biology of Pathogenic Bacteria; Drug Resistance CV  352-273-9402 hschweizer@ufl.edu  
Simonne, Amarat Professor Agriculture and Life Sciences: Dept. of Family, Youth and Community Sciences Ethnic food safety; Asian food safety; food service/food safety; mexican foods; food handling;...   (352) 273-3536 asim@ufl.edu http://edis.ifas.ufl.edu/topic_a93310290
Singer, Burton Adjunct Professor, National Academy of Sciences member The Emerging Pathogens Institute Impact of migration and urbanization on malaria transmission; co-infection CV  (352) 273-9572 bhsinger@EPI.UFL.EDU http://www.epi.ufl.edu/burton-h-singer/
Smartt, Chelsea Assistant Professor Agriculture and Life Sciences: Dept. of Nematology and Entomology Genomics; proteomics; medical entomology; insect physiology   (772) 778-7200 ctsmart@ufl.edu http://edis.ifas.ufl.edu/topic_a19948958
Smith, Jason A. Assistant Professor of Forest Pathology School of Forest Resources and Conservation Specialization in tree pathology with a focus on new and emerging forest diseases; works on...   (352) 846-0843 jasons@ufl.edu http://www.sfrc.ufl.edu/faculty/jsmith/index.html
Smith, John Director, Florida A&M University, Public Health Entomology Research & Education Center Florida A&M University, JAMS Public Health Entomology Research & Education Center Medical and veterinary entomology; arbovirus ecology; mosquito population sampling and dynamics   (850) 872-4184 Ext 23 john.smith@famu.edu http://www.famu.org/ent/directory/smithj.php
Song, Wen-Yuan Associate Professor Agricultural and Life Sciences: Dept. of Plant Pathology Plant-pathogen interactions   (352) 392-3631 wsong@ifas.ufl.edu http://plantpath.ifas.ufl.edu/People/Faculty/Song/Song.htm
Southwick, Fred Professor Medicine Macrophages; neutrophils; anthrax; shigella; listeria; actin-regulatory proteins; cell motility   (352) 392-4058 southfs@medicine.ufl.edu http://www.med.ufl.edu/anatomy/mcb/profdetail.cgi?name=southwick_f
Stanek, Danielle Medical epidemiologist Florida Dept. of Health Zoonotic disease; zoonoses; rabies; brucella; vectorborne; tick   (850) 245-4117 danielle_stanek@doh.state.fl.us http://www.doh.state.fl.us/
Staras, Stephanie Research Assistant Professor Medicine: Dept. of Epidemiology and Health Policy Epidemiology; HIV; STDs; alcohol; adolescents; partner selection   (352) 265-0111, ext. 86523 sas@ehpr.ufl.edu http://www.ehpr.ufl.edu/staras
Stepp, John Richard Associate Professor Anthropology; Land Use and Environmental Change Institute Medical anthropology, ecological anthropology, ethnobiology, Mesoamerica, Southeast Asia   (352) 392-2253 stepp@ufl.edu http://www.anthro.ufl.edu/faculty/Stepp.shtml
Stoyan-Rosenzweig, Nina           nstoyan@ufl.edu  
Sugrue, Stephen Professor and Senior Associate Dean of Research Affairs Medicine: Molecular Cell Biology, Anatomy and Cell Biology Cellular and molecular mechanisms; the maintenance of epithelial integrity; stable and dynamic...   (352) 273-8475 sugrue@ufl.edu http://www.med.ufl.edu/anatomy/mcb/profdetail.cgi?name=sugrue_s
Tabachnick, Walter Professor; Director of Florida Medical Entomology Laboratory Agricultural and Life Sciences: Dept. of Entomology and Nematology; IFAS Vector-borne pathogens; arboviruses; vector competence; genetics; population genetics   (772) 778-7200 wjt@ufl.edu http://fmel.ifas.ufl.edu/personnel/tabachnick/cv.shtml
Tan, Weihong Chair Professor Liberal Arts and Sciences: Dept. of Chemistry Chemical biology; molecular engineering; bionanotechnology; bioanalysis; aptamers; aptamer...   (352) 846-2410 tan@chem.ufl.edu http://www.chem.ufl.edu/research/facultypage.shtml?photo=tan
Tennant, Michele University Librarian Health Science Center: Libraries Information-seeking behavior; bioinformatics resources   (352) 273-8426 tennantm@ufl.edu http://www.library.health.ufl.edu/services/tennant.html
Teplitski, Max Associate Professor Agricultural and Life Sciences: Soil and Water Science Department Bacterial cell-to-cell communication and its role instructuring of microbial communities and...   (352) 273-8189 maxtep@ufl.edu http://soils.ifas.ufl.edu/personnel/teplitski.html
Thoburn, Robert  Adjunct Assicuate Professor of Medicine Department of Medicine, Division of Rheumatology and clinical immunology Vasculitis, Autoimmunity     (352)294-8200     Robert.Thoburn@medicine.ufl.edu   http://rheumatology.medicine.ufl.edu/about-us/division-faculty/robert-thoburn-md/
Thomas B. Waltzek Assistant Professor Veterinary Medicine; Dept. of Infectious Diseases and Pathology Characterization of emerging aquatic animal viruses (EAAVs) using metagenomics; phylogenomics to... CV  (530) 574-2976 tbwaltzek@ufl.edu  
Triplett, Eric Professor and Chair Agriculture and Life Sciences: Dept. of Microbiology and Cell Science Microbe-plant interactions; microbial ecology; genomics; biodiversity   (352) 392-5430 ewt@ufl.edu http://microcell.ufl.edu/personnel/faculty/triplett.shtml
Tuanyok, Apichai Assistant Professor Veterinary Medicine: Dept. of Infectious Diseases and Pathology Molecular Genetics and Biology of Pathogenic Bacteria, Drug Resistance CV  352-273-9991 tuanyok@ufl.edu  
Tucker, Daniel Associate Professor Medicine: Dept. of Psychiatry Post infectious, immunologic aspects of psychiatry; neuroimaging; obsessive compulsive disorder;...   (352) 265-4357 dantucker@ufl.edu http://psychiatry.ufl.edu/Faculty-And-Staff/Directories/Faculty/Tucker-Daniel/
Ukhanova, Maria Research Scientist Emerging Pathogens Institue; Pediatrics, Division of Neonatology Intestinal Microecology Inflammatory Markers and Necrotizingenterocolitis   (352) 273-9401 mukhanova@epi.ufl.edu http://vivo.ufl.edu/display/n7193
Vallad, Gary Assistant Professor IFAS: Gulf Coast REC Plant pathology; epidemiology; fungal and bacterial pathogens; biological control; plant-microbe... CV  (813) 633-4121 gvallad@ufl.edu http://plantpath.ifas.ufl.edu/People/Faculty/Vallad/Vallad.htm
Valle, Denis Assistant Professor IFAS: School of Forest Resources & Conservation (SFRC) envorinmental health, plant demography, tropical forest management, and Bayesian statistical models.   (352)392-3806   drvalle@ufl.edu    http://sfrc.ufl.edu/people/faculty/valle/
Van Bruggen, Ariena Professor of Plant Pathology Agriculture and Life Sciences: plant pathology; IFAS; and EPI Microbial ecology; farming systems; pathogens; organic farming; conventional farming; cultural... CV (352) 273-9396 ahcvanbruggen@ufl.edu http://plantpath.ifas.ufl.edu/People/Faculty/VanBruggen/
Vittor, Amy Assistant Professor of Medicine College of Medicine vector-borne pathogens; infectious diseases   (352) 294-5445 Amy.Vittor@medicine.ufl.edu http://id.medicine.ufl.edu/sample-page/meet-the-team/amy-y-vittor-md-phd/
Waite-Cusic, Joy Assistant Professor Oregon State University , College of Agricultural Sciences, Food Science & Technology Food microbiology, Food safety.    (541)737-6825  joy.waite-cusic@oregonstate.edu   http://oregonstate.edu/foodsci/people/joy-waite-cusic
Walden, Heather Assistant Professor College of Vetinary Medicine, Department of infectious Diseases and Pathology Parasitology  CV  (352)294-4125 hdstockdale@ufl.edu http://www.vetmed.ufl.edu/about-the-college/faculty-directory/heather-walden/
Waltzek, Thomas  Assistant Professor College of Vetinary Medicine, Department of infectious Diseases & Immunology Aquatic Animal Zoonoses and Emerging Aquatic Animal Viruses    (352)273-5202 tbwaltzek@ufl.edu http://www.vetmed.ufl.edu/about-the-college/faculty-directory/thomas-b-waltzek/
Wang, Gary Assistant Professor Division of Infectious Diseases, Department of Medicine Molecular studies of HCV pathogenesis and drug resistance; molecular ecology of gut microbiota in C...   (352) 392-6481 Gary.Wang@medicine.ufl.edu http://wanglab.medicine.ufl.edu/index.php
Washam, Matthew Assistant Professor College of Medicine, Dept. of Pediatrics     (352) 294-8591 mwasham@ufl.edu http://pediatrics.med.ufl.edu/about-us/division-listing/infectious-diseases/matthew-washam-md/
Waylen, Peter Professor Liberal Arts and Sciences: Dept. of Geography Climate variability   (352) 392-0494 ext. 203 prwaylen@ufl.edu http://www.geog.ufl.edu/faculty/waylen.html
Wayne, Marta Professor; Chair Liberal Arts and Sciences: Dept. of Biology Quantitative genetics; evolution of virulence CV  (352) 392-9925 mlwayne@ufl.edu http://www.biology.ufl.edu/people/faculty/mlwayne.aspx
Weeks, Emma N.I. Assistant Research Scientist Agriculture and Life Sciences, IFAS, Entomology and Nematology Department Medical and veterinary entomology; particularly blood feeding ectoparasites   (352) 273-3954 eniweeks@ufl.edu http://entnem.ifas.ufl.edu/kaufman/vetentlab/Collaborative%20Faculty.html
Wellehan, Jim Associate Professor Veterinary Medicine: Dept. of Small Animal Clinical Sciences Comparative infectious disease diagnostics; novel pathogen identification; host/pathogen evolution... CV  (352) 392-2235 wellehanj@ufl.edu http://www.vetmed.ufl.edu/about-the-college/faculty-directory/jim-wellehan/
Wendland, Lori Research Assistant Professor Liberal Arts and Sciences: Dept. of Geography Epidemiology of mycoplasmal respiratory disease in tortoises   (352) 294-4079 wendlandl@ufl.edu http://www.vetmed.ufl.edu/about-the-college/faculty-directory/lori-wendland/
White, Graham Bruce Medical Entomologist Agricultural and Life Sciences; IFAS: Dept. of Entomology and Nematology Biology and control of vector-borne diseases   (352) 328-9473 gbwhite@ufl.edu http://www.afpmb.org/dwfpresearch.htm
Wiens, Brenda Research Assistant Professor Public Health and Health Professions: Dept. of Clinical and Health Psychology Post-disaster stress; mental health; psychological response to disasters; psychological response to...   (352) 273-5120 wiens@phhp.ufl.edu https://vivo.ufl.edu/display/n8618
Wood, David           david.wood@jax.ufl.edu  
Wright, Anita Associate Professor Agricultural and Life Sciences: Dept. of Food Science and Health Nutrition Vibrios; oysters; shellfish; diagnostics; food safety CV  (352) 392-1991, ext. 311 acw@ufl.edu http://www.epi.ufl.edu/anita-wright/
Xu, Xiaohui Assistant Professor Public Health and Health Professions; Medicine: Dept. of Epidemiology Epidemiological methods and environmental epidemiology   (352) 273-5362 xhxu@phhp.ufl.edu http://ebs.phhp.ufl.edu/people/faculty/#xx
Yamamoto, Janet Professor Veterinary Medicine: Dept. of Infectious Diseases and Pathology T-cell based vaccinology; cellular immunology; immunoinformatics; comparative immunology;...   (352) 294-4145 yamamoto@ufl.edu http://www.vetmed.ufl.edu/about-the-college/faculty-directory/janet-yamamoto/
Yang Yang Associate Professor Public Health and Health Professions Statistical models for infectious diseases: recursive models, likelihood methods, Bayesian method, and generalized linear models CV  (352) 273-7396 yangyang@.ufl.edu http://epi.ufl.edu/yang-yang/
Yost, Richard Director, NIH Southeast Center for Integrated Metabolomics (SECIM) Liberal Arts and Sciences: Dept. of Chemistry Analytical chemistry; mass spectrometry; trace analysis; imaging CV  (352) 392-0557 ryost@ufl.edu https://www.chem.ufl.edu/people/name/richard-yost/
Young, Alyson Assistant Professor Liberal Arts and Sciences: Dept. of Anthropology Medical anthropology and child survival; zoonotic and waterborne disease transmission; East Africa...   (352) 392-1896 agyoung@ufl.edu http://web.anthro.ufl.edu/faculty/Young.shtml
Zhou, Lei Associate Professor Medicine: Dept. of Molecular Genetics and Microbiology Apoptosis; vector biology; mosquito cell death; pro-apoptotic genes; genetic insecticide   (352) 273-8169 leizhou@ufl.edu