14 November 2012

Dr. Blackburn will present at the 2012 UF GIS DAY on Campus. Come check out his talk titled: “Mapping anthrax and tracking elk: using GIS and spatial modeling to understand wildlife disease from Montana to Botswana”



SEER Lab News

30 October 2012

CONGRATULATIONS! Jake Hightower successfully defended his M.S. thesis on modeling the ecological niche of Francisella tularensis in Ukraine

28 October 2012

SEER Lab coauthors a study with the Azerbaijani Republican Anti-plague Station on human brucellosis

26 October 2012

SEER Lab postdoc Karoun Bagamain lead authors a timely study on the transmission dynamics of Hantavirus

11 October 2012

SEER Lab Director Jason Blackburn presented the Ecology, Evolution, & Behavior Seminar at Virginia Tech on the spatio-temporal patterns of anthrax in wildlife in the US and Botswana