SEER Lab has full-time faculty and staff and adjunct faculty providing a wide range of skills in GIS, remote sensing, microbiology, molecular biology, pathogen detection and characterization, laboratory safety, and wildlife ecology


Dr. Jason K. Blackburn, SEER Lab Director, Associate Professor Geography, Principal Investigator at the Emerging Pathogens Institute

Phone: 352-273-9374 EPI; 352-294-7501 Geography



Dr. Ted Hadfield, Adjunct Professor Geography (joint with Emerging Pathogens Institute) & Courtesy Appointment Infectious Diseases and Pathology at UF VetMed



Dr. Matthew Van Ert, EPI Adjunct Professor and SEER Lab Molecular Evolution & Genetics Lead



Research Staff

Rebecca M. Shuman, MS, Biological Scientist II (Wildlife Biologist)
M.S. Forest Resources, University of Georgia, 2016
B.S. Biology, University of Louisville, 2010
Research interests: predator-prey ecology, ungulate ecology and management
Research and duties: Becky is responsible for managing the collection of field data and analysis of spatial data as part of an interdisciplinary team studying hemorrhagic disease in captive and free-ranging cervids. Research includes comparing home ranges and resource selection between captive and free-ranging individuals, modeling disease risk based on habitat use and vector abundance, and understanding fawn survival and cause-specific mortality.


Cody Griffin, MS, GIS Analyst – Spatial Support and spatio-temporal modeling of Georgian Especially Dangerous Pathogens for the DTRA Funded Cooperative Biological Engagement Program through the Academic Engagement Program.

Catherine Haase, PhD, Spatial Analyst/R Code developer for the DTRA Academic Engagement Program and NIH R01.

Postdoctoral Associates

Dr. Juan Pablo Gomez is focused on the development a dynamic model to estimate R0 for pathogens with environmental persistence as part of the SEER Lab ongoing NIH/NSF EEID R01 project.

Past Postdoctoral Associates

Dr. Karoun Bagamian, SEER postdoc focused on serological studies and disease transmission dynamics. Karoun  focused on the serological screening of anthrax exposure in wildlife in Ukraine and the US.

Dr. Nate Royal, SEER postdoc focused on environmental data mining and multi-variate modeling. Nate’s focus was on spatial and environmental patterns of anthrax in Georgia.

Dr. Zaurbek Sagiyev,  Kazakh Bolashak Recipient and SEER Lab postdoc 2013. Zaurbek focused on the spatiotemporal and ecological modeling of plague in humans and wild mammals of Kazakhstan.