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Member Mailing List: Membership is generally restricted to persons who are faculty at UF (or other academic or government institutions). Persons who are Members are eligible for intramural grant programs sponsored by EPI, and will have access to EPI facilities, as appropriate. We ask that when UF Members submit grants, they "check off" EPI as a recipient of indirect costs (which does not influence the direct cost returns to the Member's home department or school); these indirect costs will be re-directed into EPI activities, including the intramural grant programs. Unless you request otherwise, we anticipate including a directory of Members on the EPI webpage, with links to your home webpage (if you have one) and possibly short profiles.

Associate Member Mailing List: Post-doctoral fellows, graduate and undergraduate students who are interested in the Institute and its activities. In addition to regular Institute activities, Associate Members will be kept informed of training opportunities and, when available, short-term training grants.

Friends Mailing List: Persons outside of the above categories who are interested in the ongoing activities of the Institute, and who would like to receive information through the EPI listserv and other information sources.