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Keynote talks from EPI's Research Day 2021

February 25, 2021: EPI's annual Research Day was virtual this year, and the recorded keynote talks are available here.

Keynote talks from EPI's Research Day 2021

This image of Research Day 2020 was taken before social distancing or mask-wearing had become the norm at the University of Florida. 

EPI's fourteenth annual Resarch Day was held virtually on February 25, 2021. We are pleased to make available a recording of the keynote talks. You can also view a booklet of Abstracts from the poster session. 

Keynote Speakers

Andrew P. Dobson, DPhil. Andy Dobson is an ecologist whose research focuses on the role that pathogens and diseases play in natural ecosystems. He uses a mixture of fieldwork, mathematical models and data analysis. Dobson has worked on conservation and disease issues in Serengeti, Tanzania and Yellowstone for the last 30 years. He also works on emerging pathogens and the ecological and economic conditions that lead to these outbreaks. He has long term interests in the evolution of social systems in primates, elephants, and carnivores and how this impacts the population dynamics of their interactions with parasites and human exploitation. 

Dobson is external faculty at the Santa Fe Institute where he works on problems in complexity: how parasites impact the structure of food webs and models for the immune system. He also uses time in Santa Fe to write ecological books for a broader audience

  • Talk title: Ecology, Economics, and Evolution of Emerging Pathogens

Philippe Sansonetti, MD, received training in infectious diseases in Parisian hospitals and training in bacterial genetics at Institut Pasteur, Paris, and later at the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research as a postdoctoral scientist. He is currently an emeritus professor at Institut Pasteur and at the College de France, and a chief scientist at Institut Pasteur, Shanghai. Sansonetti is a foreign member of the US National Academy of Sciences.

Sansonetti pioneered the field of cellular microbiology by deciphering the molecular and cellular mechanisms of Shigella pathogenesis. He more recently applied similar approaches to decipher the symbiotic mechanisms established between a host and its gut microbiota. His work on Shigella vaccine development brought him close to global health issues in low-income countries, particularly in Africa. 

  • Talk title: Microbes without borders: Tensions on the 20th-century paradigm of public health

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