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SEER Lab Grad Lili Morris hired as Spatial Epidemiologist

SEER Lab Grad Lili Morris hired as Spatial Epidemiologist

Congratulations to Lili Morris.

The most recent SEER Lab Ph.D. graduate, Lili Morris, will join the Washington State Department of Health. Lili will work as a Spatial Epidemiologist with the Division of Environmental Public Health – Office of Environmental Public Health Sciences, Environmental Epidemiology Unit.  Lili has recently completed her doctoral dissertation in Medical Geography on “Wildlife Movement and Disease Risk: Anthrax Transmission in Montana”. Prior to her doctoral work in Montana, Lili completed a MS degree in Medical Geography and SEER Lab working on the spatio-temporal patterns of enzootic plague foci in Azerbaijan. Lili is a prolific SEER Lab R and Python coder and will continue to use her skills in the new position. Congratulations, Lili! Well done!

Check out some of Lili’s work:

Morris, L.M. and Blackburn, J.K.  Accepted. Predicting disease risk, identifying stakeholders, and informing control strategies: A case study of anthrax in Montana. EcoHealth.

*Morris, L. R., K. M. Proffitt, V. Asher, and J. K. Blackburn. 2016. Elk resource selection and implications for anthrax management in Montana. Journal of Wildlife Management 80(2): 235-244.

Morris, L.R., Blackburn, J.K., Talibzade, A., Kracalik, I.T., Ismaylova, R., Abdullayhev, R. 2013. Informing Plague Surveillance in the Lowland Plague Focus of Azerbaijan Using a Historic Dataset. Journal of Applied Geography 45:269-279.