Graduate student positions

Students interested in joining SEER Lab should contact Dr. Blackburn with a CV, short letter of interest, and writing samples.  Students are expected to enroll in the Department of Geography and should have proven skills in GIS, spatial and/or spatio-temporal modeling, and quantitiative analysis. Copies of previous theses or peer reviewed publications are welcome via email to illustrate your talents. SEER Lab works on a wide range of applied studies and skills in bench science are welcome, though students should expect to marry those skills with quantitative spatial modeling.  Students should apply to the Department of Geography for full consideration.


Part-time OPS hourly positions

 If you are an advanced undergraduate student or graduate student with proven skills in GIS, spatial modeling, ecological niche modeling, or epidemiology and interested in Medical Geography, please contact us for possibilities in the lab. Email Dr. Blackburn or Ian Kracalik