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SEER Lab has an active graduate training program and SEER Lab students are active in research, teaching, international training (GIS and epidemiology) and field research. Get to know our graduate students.

SEER Lab Doctoral Students

Alassane Barro
Ian T. Kracalik
Lillian R. Morris
Dawn Nekorchuk
Graduate Diploma in Geographic Information Systems; Flinders University, Australia, 2011
M.S. Public Health; University of Hawai’i at Manoa, 2004
Graduate Certificate in Disaster Management & Humanitarian Assistance; University of Hawai’i at Manoa, 2004
B.S. Biology, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2000
Research interests: medical geography, spatial epidemiology, infectious disease modeling, agent-based modeling
Dissertation title: Modeling Indirect Transmission Disease Risk: Anthrax in Bison and Elk in Southwestern Montana
About my research: My research investigates movement patterns and space use by bison and elk, and looks at the potential risk for disease transmission of an environmental pathogen (Bacillus anthracis). I am also planning on creating models of disease transmission, and am interested in agent-based modeling systems.  My overall research aims include modeling potential intervention efforts affecting the disease system, from the contexts of the animal-human-environment interface (One Health perspective).


Other Doctoral Student Committees


.Moise Ngawa, PhD Student in Global Environmental Health, working on cholera in Cameroon. Moise’s Advisor is Dr. Glenn Morris (Director of the Emerging Pathogens Institute).

Jamie Benn, Texas A&M, Texas A&M University; Dr. Blackburn serves as an external committee member and anthrax ecology expert on this committee. Jamie is working on an oral vaccine for anthrax.


Masters Students


Sieara Claytor MS student in Wildlife Ecology & Conservation, working on phylodynamics of  frog-related fungi. Sieara’s Advisor is Dr. Samantha Wisely in WEC.

Dr. Karen Prine, veterinarian (Co-chaired with Dr. Phil Kauffman of Entomology at UF). Karen is working on the spatio-temporal patterns of gopher tortoise ticks in Florida tortoise populations.


Past SEER Lab Students


Timothy Andrew Joyner (2010). M.S.

Thesis title: Ecological niche modeling of a zoonosis: a case study using anthrax outbreaks and climate change in Kazakhstan

Where is he now: Andrew is on faculty as an Assistant Professor at East Tennessee State University. He recently completed a PhD at LSU in disaster management and Geography.


Jocelyn C. Mullins (2013). Ph.D.

Dissertation title: Combining genetic diversity and spatio-temporal data to characterize the spatial ecology of anthrax across multiple scales.

Where is she now: US CDC as a fellow in the Epidemiological Intelligence Service. Jocelyn is currently assigned to the Connecticut Department of Health.


Lillian Morris (2013). M.Sc.

Thesis title: Informing plague surveillnace for the lowland plague focus in Azerbaijan using a historic dataset.


Where is she now: Lili is doctoral student in SEER Lab and the UF Department of Geography studying the spatio-temporal patterns and resource selection of elk in relation to anthrax in Montana.


Jake Hightower (2012). M.Sc.

Thesis title: Examining the distribution of Francisella tularensis, the causative agent of tularemia, in Ukraine using ecological niche modeling.

Where is he now: Jake is pursuing a Ph.D. in the Department of Geography continuing his education in medical geography.


Past CSUF SEER Lab Students

Prior to joining the faculty at UF, Dr. Blackburn managed the SEER Lab when it was housed at Cal State Fullerton (2007-2009). During that period, Dr. Blackburn advised several students and served on several MA thesis committees.

Pamela Rittelmeyer (2011). M.A. Cal State Fullerton, Blackburn Courtesy Advisor (after moving to UF)

Thesis title: Predicting the potential geographic distribution of three highly migratory pelagic fishes using ecological niche modeling


Ian T. Kracalik (2009). M.A. Cal State Fullerton

Thesis title: Spatial and temporal analyses of anthrax: An exploratory retrospective and prospective examination of outbreaks in Kazakhstan