SEER Lab personnel actively publish in the peer-reviewed literature across a wide range of disease systems and topics. Threaded through each is our interest in the spatio-temporal dynamics or transmission mechanisms associated with zoonoses or other spillover diseases with strong environmental drivers and/or abiotic/non-reproductive reservoirs. SEER Lab maintains active collaborations nationally and internationally. A number of those collaborations are reflected in the papers represented here. *Indicates SEER Lab student authors.

We publish Open Access whenever possible. Occasionally, SEER Lab publications are behind pay walls. If there is a paper below that interests you and it is not Open Access, please email Jason Blackburn for a PDF copy. We will send you digital reprints of any SEER lab publication.



SEER Lab Director, Dr. Jason Blackburn, has been interviewed twice by Outbreak News Today recently. These podcasts offer some insights into SEER Lab's geospatial modeling efforts and field work to better understand anthrax globally and in wildlife of West Texas.

Global anthrax mapping

Investigating anthrax in West Texas


In Press of In Review (as of 8 October 2020)

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Note: our paper received the cover of PNAS with an amazing photo by Ryan Easterday.


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