Maurelli Research Lab Opportunity

project title

Genetics and molecular pathogenesis of Chlamydia and Shigella

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Research opportunities are available in the laboratory of Dr. Tony Maurelli, Department of Environmental and Global Health. The Maurelli Lab studies the genetics and physiology of bacteria that cause sexually transmitted infections (Chlamydia) and diarrheal disease (Shigella). Candidates must have previous microbiology laboratory experience (media preparation, aseptic technique, growth and quantification, etc.), and both a textbook and practical understanding of basic molecular biology tools (PCR, qPCR, cloning, gel electrophoresis, etc.). Projects include development of new genetic tools for Chlamydia, mutant construction and analysis, and detection of bacterial pathogens in wastewater.

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Anthony Maurelli, Ph.D.

Anthony Maurelli, Ph.D., is a professor in the department of environmental and global health in the college of public health and health professions.

Additional Details

Student Level

Undergraduate Students

The lab is open to undergraduate students during the summer semester.

Academic Year

Sophomores & Up

The lab is looking for volunteers that are a sophomore or further along in their academic career.

Anthony Maurelli Profile Image


Microbiology, molecular biology

All volunteers must have familiarity in microbiology laboratory experience, as well as textbook and practical understanding of basic molecular biology tools.

Time Commitment

10-12 hours a week

Volunteers are eligible to work up to 12 hours a week.


On Campus

Research will be performed on the University of Florida main campus.

Semesters Available


The lab is open to volunteers during the summer semester of the academic year.


Research Credit/Unpaid

All volunteers are eligible for research or academic credit. There may be future paid opportunities dependent on grant funding.


Possible Co-Authorship

Volunteers have the opportunity to earn co-authorship in a paper.