Tang Research Lab Opportunity

Our Integrative Mechanobiology & Biophysics (IMB) Laboratory’s research is transdisciplinary by nature. We study how mechanical forces affect the biological functions in living cells and organisms. We innovate bio-inspired engineering to solve grand challenges in sustainable health care, energy, and environment. Our laboratory integrates physics theory of solid and fluid mechanics, super-resolution STORM/PALM/STED imaging, optogentics, CRISPR genome editing, nanotechnology, biochemistry, and computational modeling. We apply our findings to prevent, diagnose, and treat mechanics-associated human diseases, including cancer, immunology, cardiovascular diseases, and brain disorders. The successful applicants will receive cutting-edge multidisciplinary training and participate projects with full financial support. We deem it is our key responsibility to promote all our students/trainees to successfully achieve their career goals.

Headshot of Dr. Xin Tang.

Assistant professor

Xin Tang, Ph.D.

Xin Tang, Ph.D., is an assistant professor in the college of engineering department of mechanical and aerospace engineering.

Additional Details

Student Level | Postdocs

Undergraduate & Graduate Students | Postdocs

The lab is open to undergraduate and graduate students, as well as postdocs.

Academic Year

Junior & Up

The lab is looking for volunteers that are a junior or further along in their academic career.


Research interest

All volunteers must have a strong self-motivation and work ethic for scientific research.

Time Commitment

10-20 hours a week

Volunteers are eligible to work up to 20 hours a week.


On Campus

Research will be performed on the University of Florida main campus, with potential opportunities for remote work.

Semesters Available

Spring, Summer, Fall

The lab is open to volunteers each semester of the academic year.


Research Credit/Paid

All volunteers are eligible for research or academic credit. If there is lab funding available, then there may be opportunity for payment in the future.


Possible Co-Authorship

Volunteers have the opportunity to earn co-authorship in a paper.