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New mosquito-borne disease detected in Haiti

A child in Haiti was identified with a serious mosquito-borne illness that had never been reported in the Caribbean nation, according to researchers at the University of Florida’s Emerging Pathogens Institute (EPI).

UF researchers call for close attention to flu viruses

University of Florida Health researchers found that most people brought to a Florida hospital during the 2014-2015 flu season had a strain of the flu that was not found in the flu shot that year. Their findings suggest a need for regional monitoring to develop a better flu vaccine each year.

UF researchers grow norovirus in human cells

University of Florida researchers have grown a human norovirus in a cell culture dish, finally opening the door to developing medications for fighting the intestinal scourge that strikes tens of millions every year in schools, hotels and cruise ships worldwide.

Ebola 101: outbreak and response

On Sept. 29, the Emerging Pathogens Institute presented an overview of Ebola and the recent outbreak to the Florida Congressional Delegation and the Board of Governors. With the number of Ebola cases growing exponentially, EPI believes it is important to be informed on the disease and how it is spreading in West Africa and all around the world.