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Informing One Health Anthrax Surveillance and Vaccination Strategy from Spatial Analysis of Anthrax in Humans and Livestock in Ha Giang Province, Vietnam (1999–2020)

Anthrax, caused by Bacillus anthracis, has a nearly global distribution but is understudied in Southeast Asia, including Vietnam. Here, we used historical data from 1999 to 2020 in Ha Giang, a province in northern Vietnam. The objectives were to describe the spatiotemporal patterns and epidemiology of human and livestock anthrax in the province and compare livestock vaccine coverage with human and livestock anthrax incidence.

What happens when we pass human diseases to animals?

UF medical geographer Sadie Ryan makes the case that we need to better study human-to-wildlife viral transmission factors to better understand "spillback" events. How do we know when spillback will threaten species conservation — or fuel the next pandemic?

Research day recap

From land to sea, EPI’s Research Day keynote talks featured recent leaps in pathogen research affecting people and the aquatic animal source foods we consume.

Predicting Zoonotic Pandemics

A UF professor contributes to studies exploring the power and limitations of tools to predict the next wildlife pathogen capable of seeding a pandemic.