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The Emerging Pathogens Institute promotes interdisciplinary studies that focus on the new and re-emerging diseases that threaten healthy and economy. Together, members within the institute work toward one global health as they study humans, animals and the environment.

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Digital Bulletin

EPI News and Notes

EPI News and Notes serves as the institute’s weekly digital bulletin that distributes every Monday. The bulletin shares announcements, job updates, upcoming seminars and more. Only internal UF affiliates receive the bulletin, and it does not distribute on UF holidays.

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EPI Exchange

EPI Exchange serves as the institute’s biweekly newsletter that distributes every first and third Friday of the month. Readers can expect to learn more about research, awards and more within each issue. The newsletter does not distribute on UF holidays.

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Website stories

EPI Science Writing

The EPI website offers science stories that help promote the research, education and outreach that stems from the institute, its members and affiliates. Stories include expert Q&As, research news and more. When submitting please view the science writing policy.

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Communications Resources


EPI Media Guide

The EPI media guide serves to help outside media sources find the correct information.

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