Global impact

Moving Florida and the world forward

At the EPI, we strive to move Florida and the world forward through a strong collaborative spirit and innovative resources. Our members engage in state-wide, national and international research to help fight infectious diseases for all. Use the data visualization below to explore the impact the institute makes both on campus and across the world. The data visualization only contains information collected from faculty members.

Emerging Pathogens Institute Building

Global Impact

Zika in the Americas

When the world learned of Brazil’s Zika crisis in early 2016, EPI biologists and public health researchers analyzed data from a Haitian strain of the virus that called into question mainstream assumptions about how Zika arrived in the Caribbean and South America. Geneticists at the institute found evidence suggesting that Zika was circulating in the Caribbean at least six months before the first reports of the Brazilian epidemic.

Arial shot of homes in the hills of Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

State impact

COVID in Florida

In February 2020, before any cases were known in the state of Florida, EPI members isolated COVID from the door handle of one of the main buildings on the University of Florida campus. Continuing their years of work studying coronaviruses, our members have since conducted various research projects that investigated the epidemiology, virology, serological response and mathematical modeling of SARS-CoV-2 in the United States, as well as in other countries.

Overhead view of the Florida Everglades.