Seminar Event Policy

A rearview shot of the seminar room that displays the attendees facing the projector. On the projector screen is a presentation slide that showcases Ricksettsia-ER interactions mimicing mirochondria-ER interactions.

The Emerging Pathogens Institute offers a robust seminar series to its membership and stakeholders, as well as others interested in infectious disease and pathogenic research. During the fall and spring semesters, the EPI Seminar Series aims to host high-caliber speakers that align with the mission and vision of the institute. The series does not run during the summer semester.

Requesting a seminar in the EPI Seminar Series

EPI members may coordinate with the EPI Associate Director for Training and Special Projects a semester in advance to provide a talk with a renowned researcher who leads EPI mission-driven programs. The seminars within the EPI Seminar Series will receive support from the EPI administration team for event planning and event marketing to elevate the quality of the series. Speaker requests must be made a semester in advance to allocate time for event planning and marketing. Due to the number of requests, we cannot incorporate all speakers into the EPI Seminars Series.

Request timelines

EPI Seminar SeriesSpeaker Request Deadline
Spring SeriesNovember 1
Fall SeriesJuly 10

Seminars extraneous from the EPI Seminar Series

EPI members and other affiliates are welcome to run a seminar within the EPI building, though these seminars will not be within the official EPI Seminar Series and will not receive EPI administrative support. If administrative support is required, members are encouraged to work with their home departments for organizing and promoting the event.

To host a seminar, a request must be submitted to reserve the EPI Seminar Room 150. Members have access to use the assets in the EPI Brand Center to create promotional content to market their events and may submit a request to advertise their event through various EPI marketing channels. Please note that the EPI building listserv is not used for promotional material; requests for marketing/announcement emails must go through the weekly bulletin and biweekly newsletter. To reach a wider audience, please utilize any departmental or college listservs that offer promotional emails for seminars. In addition, the EPI website will only post recordings for the seminars within the EPI Seminar Series.